Pregnancy Update: 8 months

thegreatromance-8 months pregnant1.  What were the highlights from your 8th month?

Originally I didn’t plan to take maternity pictures at the tail end of my 8th month of being pregnant because I knew I was going to be at my largest; but looking back at the finish product, I’m so glad I waited.  Not only did the shoot go as planned, but the pictures turned out top notch.  Plus, rockin’ a fuller belly is sexy on a whole new level ;).  

Secondly, scheduling my delivery :).  

2.  Any “ugh” moments?

I’m notorious for being a mamarazzi- always filling up my phone of pictures of Harrison and our daily excursions, but sadly I only took a handful this past month because my household spent 3/4th of the month sick :(.  Being sequestered at home didn’t call for many good photo ops.  The flu rotated amongst us all and I still have a lingering sinus infection that just won’t let up.  I kid you not, we went thru a Costco pack of Kleenex this month.  

3.  What’s on rotation in your wardobe?

Our coastal town is now feeling the warm spring-like weather,  so I’ve taken the liberty of cutting a couple of my maternity jeans and created cut-offs.  How’s that for saving on maternity shorts? 🙂

4.  How has your body changed?

I can absolutely tell my belly is fuller and that baby is without a doubt larger even if my weight only went up 2 pounds.  Despite the low weight gain this month, I’m in line with what my weight gain should be which is a total of 32 pounds.  

5.  With less than a month left, how are you feeling?

Two words: excited and curious.  Excited knowing a new member of our family will be here soon.  I’ve gone from saying I’m “x amount of ” weeks to now saying “x amount of”  days.  FYI: I’m at 20 something days….aghhhhhh!!!!!

I’m equally curious in regards to how it will change our family dynamic.  I’ve spent the last 2.6 years with it being just the 3 of us that it’s only natural things will change.  All for the good I’m sure, but it doesn’t make me less curious to see the change unfold.

Sincerely, Kymberly



      1. Congrats Te Kym! Looking forward to meeting him. Just ain’t got enough time to surf the net right now. Next time, I surely will spend time reading your posts and marveling at his beauty. 🙂

  1. You’re rock’n your baby belly, Kymberly! Two is so much fun. I’m so excited for you. Best of luck with your delivery. You’ll have a little bundle of love before you know it!

  2. Yay!!! This is such exciting news!!! I can’t believe you can count in days now!!! You look so beautiful pregnant and the photos were stunning!!! Can’t wait to see pics and meet the new babe!!! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy and a safe healthy delivery!!!

    p.s. Having a sick family is no fun! Tanner has been fighting something awful for over two weeks now…Huntley is still getting over her ear infection/cold with rest of her meds and I’ve seem to developed some terrible congestion/sinus infection too…however, everything just seems to be at it’s worst when night strikes! Why is that?!

    1. Girlfriend- I’m so excited too! Just bummed I’m missing K’s party because I’m delivering on K’s actual birthday (just an FYI for you!) Once I’m coherent and get some sleep, I’ll be sure to share the good news to you and the world :).

      Oh Gosh, your family situation sounds like mine :(. This season is the worst when it comes to getting sick. I feel like everyone is barking the same tune as me :(. Get well mama, H, and T! xo

  3. Love the update Kym, glad you are so close to finally meeting the little one now. The maternity pictures turned out great, you have a beautiful family. Love you guys!

  4. You are one sexy mama in your recent pictures,!!!. You gonna make it, even now that’s going to be of family of four. You both are very good parents to your children. I’m proud of you. Good luck and take good Cate of yourself too because you have three boys to take of.and have fun always. Remember every problem has its own solution

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