Santa Barbara

A Black Tie Maternity Shoot

thegreatromance-maternity-black dressthegreatromance-family portrait-maternitythegreatromance-black and white formal attire-toddlerthegreatromance-black tie-toddlerthegreatromance-father and son-photo shootthegreatromance-black and white maternity-family photo shootthegreatromance-family-maternitythegreatromance-toddler-bowt tiethegreatromance-family-formal-photothegreatromance-toddler kissing mom belly-pregnancythegreatromance-pregnant-toddler-formal-photothegreatromance-formal-family-photothegreatromance-beach-family-photothegreatromance-formal maternity photo-beachthegreatromance-formal-family-portrait-beachthegreatromance-beach-maternity-black dressthegreatromance-pregnant bellythegreatromance-black and white-toddler on the beachthegreatromance-toddler on beach-suspendersthegreatromance-formal-maternity-beachthegreatromance-family portrait-maternity sessionthegreatromance-black tie-maternity thegreatromance-maternity-photo-onesiethegreatromance-onesiethegreatromance-maternity session-kissesthegreatromance-husbandthegreatromance-gold shoesthegreatromance-family on beachIf you could see me now, I’ve smiling from ear to ear with happiness at how well my maternity photos turned out :).  Thanks to my new BFF’s over at Great Romance Photo, they captured our black tie family session picture perfectly!  I tell ya, client satisfaction at its best.  #repeatcustomersforsure.

Sincerely, Kymberly


2014 Year in Review

family selfiefamily of threeBefore the year ends, I’m going to take a minute or 10 (if you read slowly) to reflect at how 2014 unfolded.

(P.S. there is absolutely nothing wrong if you read slow.  It just let’s me know you are totally  letting    each.   and.  every.  single.  word.  I.  write.  sink.  in.  – so for that, thank you!)

How should I summarize 2014?  Hmm, how about I break it down in accordance to the core of my blog: “A California wife and mom inspired by fashion, family adventures, and coastal living.”

Fashion:  is still very much a part of my life and since getting pregnant in June, I’ve had to become a bit more creative in styling myself.  But hey, it’s  a challenge I welcomed :).

Although my blog has greatly evolved from its initiation in 2011, where it was heavily fashion driven, I still include stylish posts.  This year I incorporated a new series, “Where to?  Where this?” and although I haven’t written one of them lately (been too busy sharing my personal family adventures), the WTWT posts are still one of my favorites to create.

Family Adventures:  With our feet firmly planted in Santa Barbara, we enjoyed exploring our town at length.  Living within eye sight of the water, we often ventured to the beach for walks and to search for shells.  I’ve since built a pretty extensive collection of seashells totally worth a pat on the back for.  Looking back at the year, we are also fortunate to have made many friends whom we shared weekly playdates with.  Over the summer I invited our friends to celebrate our son’s 2nd birthday.   When family came into town to visit, we made sure to introduce them to some of our favorite Santa Barbara hiking spots: a Monarch Butterfly preserve and a local Harbor Seal sanctuary.

Just a short drive away, we explored the famous Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo and continued to take trips to our old stomping grounds of Orange County– one specific trip being to Disneyland; a first for Harrison.

Several trips outside of California included  Colorado for a ski trip.   I honestly find great irony in wanting to travel to see snow.  I clearly forgot that snow=cold.  Then in the summer we ventured to Moab, Utah to  celebrate my sister’s wedding and to clock in some major hiking mileage per my Strava app.  We capped off our fall with a two-week East Coast trip that left us loving the New England lifestyle.

Coastal Living:  after years of being admirers of sailing, my husband and I became certified sailors (see Instagram pics here).  About the same time we signed up for our course, we found out we were pregnant which made it all the more difficult since I suffered from horrible morning sickness.  With the help of anti-vomitting medicine, I stuck through the course and I’ve gotta say, I do love sailing.  We have even made it a family affair;  and our young Harrison has ventured the open waters with us on several occasions.

As my final post of the year, I have to say thank you to my friends, family, bloggers, and brands that have supported Sincerely Kymberly.  It absolutely brings a smile to my face having followers, receive comments, likes, shares, and emails from supportive people.  My blog will always be a fun place for me to share my life; and any recognition I get is only topping on the cake :).

Okay, okay; enough sentimental stuff.  2014- you rocked.  Over and out.

Sincerely, Kymberly

A Donald Duck Nautical Birthday Party

Donald Duck Nautical themed birthday party invitationDonald Duck Nautical themed birthday party // party favorsDonald Duck Nautical birthday // party favorsDonald Duck Nautical birthday cakeDonald Duck birthday cake // ombre birthday cakeDonald Duck Nautical themed birthday party // pie // desert tableDonald Duck Nautical birthday pieDonald Duck Nautical birthday utensilsDonald Duck Nautical birthday theme // toy stationDonald Duck Nautical birthday party // coloring stationDonald Duck Nautical birthday // coloring bookDonald Duck Nautical birthday // coloring station // crayons // coloring bookDonald Duck Nautical birthday // photo booth // cardboard boatbirthday party food // taco guy // street tacosTaco truck // Taco guy // street tacos Blowing out candles // Donald Duck Nautical birthday cakeDonald Duck Nautical birthday party // cake cuttingbirthday cake // yellow ombre two tier cakebirthday party // toddler golfingDonald Duck Nautical birthday // toy station // kid's playDonald Duck Nautical birthday // toy station // toddler's playingbirthday party // poolpool party // toddler 2 year partyDonald Duck Nautical birthday party photo propsDonald Duck Nautical theme sailboat photo propsDonald Duck doesn’t get enough credit as compared to his counterpart Mickey Mouse.  But for my son, he’s everything.

Maybe it’s Donald’s silly voice or that he is a sailor (Harrison shares an equal love for all things water related).   For whatever reason our son loves Donald; and deciding on a Donald Duck Nautical birthday party was the perfect theme for Harrison’s 2nd birthday.

Some highlights of the pool party included the toy station, coloring station, and photo booth.  One of my major DIY projects was making the boat and all of its nautical props.  I simply constructed a boat out of a giant cardboard box and painted both the boat and props in coordinating colors.

The food arena is where I got plenty of help from.  We hired a taco guy to cater the event.  A dear friend made the home-made pies, and the two-tiered ombre cake was purchased at Vons (can ya believe that?)  For a killer deal of $35 bucks I had them create the yellow ombre effect and I DIY’d the Donald Duck cake topper.

Gift bags included sailor attire (a sailor hat and nautical bandana), a mini inflatable beach ball, and a yellow rubber ducky.

Overall, the party was a success!  All 15 of his toddler buddies enjoyed themselves and I do believe the parents did too :).  And hey, we even had a little birthday drama that we quickly dusted our shoulders off …but what’s a party without a little flair to it 😉 ?

Sincerely, Kymberly


custom invitations: Owen and Sally

gift bag items: Oriental Trading


Polo and Ponies

We may be missing Sunday mass a lot more than we should this summer.  I think the good weather and the best-ever hashtag created (#sundayfunday) will be dictating our Sunday affairs.  You see, my family and I thrive on being out in the sun.  It’s sort of our main ingredient to our weekend plans.  Then throw in some horses, a polo match, and a glass of champagne; well, well, well my friends… I’ve got myself the perfect elixir for #sundayfunday.  With my canvas bag in tow, sunscreen, and parasols; we made our way to the polo fields to enjoy opening day.

And so the story goes:  We came.  We saw.  We divot stomped.

Sincerely, Kymberly

Toddler Polo outfitPolo PoniesSanta Barbara Polo Club // Polo StandsKisses // Santa Barbara Polo GameSanta Barbara Polo and Racquet ClubSpectators view // Polo Gametoddler Outfit at Polo GameSanta Barbara  Polo Club // Polo GamePolo // Divot stompSanta Barbara Polo Club // magazine

Seals on a Saturday

hiking trail  // santa barbarahiking trail // carpinteriaoverlooking a cliff // carpinteriacarpinteria seal sanctuarypointing out the harbor sealsharbor seals // carpinteriacarpinteria seal sanctuaryseals // carpinteria

I love my Saturdays.  And if I was a betting person, I’m sure you do as well :).  If you are fortunate to sleep in on your day of rest, I’m jealous.  I’ve never been the type to sleep in.  I’m the gal who needs to be out doing something shortly after waking up.  That often finds me headed off on an outside excursion with the hubby and tot.  And because it’s Saturday, it usually finds me sans makeup (#justsaying).  Luckily, I married a man who loves my natural look 😉 and my love for being an active early bird.  To top it, I’ve got my 20 month old trained to share the same love of hiking and long walks.

This particular Saturday we found ourself hiking in Carpinteria to view the seal sanctuary.   Prior to our visit, a friend told me the Harbor seals live their all year round. During December-May the seals give birth to their cubs on the shoreline and it’s during the spring months, you’ll see the cubs relaxing upon the shore because their little bodies don’t have the thick layer of fat to protect them from the ocean.  After hearing about this place, my reaction went something like this, “Aww, that sounds so cute and fun!”  Followed by a huge smile on my face :).  Clearly, my friend knows me well enough to have suggested this.  I mean, after telling you of this place; tell me you’d want to visit too, right?  And so you should ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly

P.S. For a closer look at the seals, just click on the image for a blown up picture.

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Hello, April

Oh hi, it’s me :).  Remember me?  Your friend; the blogger.  You know, the one with a J. Crew obsession, whose a proud mama, and lover of enjoying the outdoors.  Yes, nice to see you again (cue: a big hug…squeeze!)

I intentionally took a month of from blogging to sit back and enjoy life.  I had looked at my calendar and knew that March was going to be a busy month for me.  So rather than fighting to stay up in the wee hours of the morning to stick to my scheduled postings or go the other route and post maybe one or two posts (yes, that’s how packed March was for me) I decided to let my blogging hobby take a backseat.

So what have I been up to?

(1)  Making new friends.  Bonus points because these cool chicks happen to be mom’s with tots Harrison’s age! Yay, a win-win!  beach playdate // Hendry's Beach

The 3 Amigos

playing ball at the park // santa barbara

(2)  Enjoying Santa Barbara.  I tell you, 8 months ago when the hubby said we were moving from the beautiful OC to Santa Barbara; I kicked and screamed.  I’m an Orange County girl through and through.  But SB is equally beautiful and I can’t get over all the preserved coastal access.  (Preserved land is one thing Orange County lacks).Carpinteria // hikesanta barbara piergoleta pier

(3)  Celebrated our wedding anniversary with a week long trip to Colorado where we enjoyed ice skating, skiing, made s’mores, and went on a sleigh ride.  Although we are happily smiling in the pictures, we were down right freezing!  I sorta forgot that snow=cold.Keystone Colorado // ice skatingsleigh ride // keystone colorado

(4)  Attempting (I say that in the present tense since I’m working on this) to do a spring cleaning.  I’m in the midst of transitioning my closet.  My days of stilettos and full glam makeup are a distant past.  So I need to make room in my closet for my now tomboy chic apparel (aka: skinny jeans, a v-neck and a baseball cap).  Thank goodness the sporty look is “in” since most days I’m a walking Lululemon ad.

santa barbara zoo

It’s good to be back.

Won’t you come by my internet-neck of the woods again?  I’ll be up and running with recaps of my adventures and my thoughts on trivial things like: fashion and interior design soon enough ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly