Nursery Design: style meets function

pottery barn nursery grey, white, woodI’ll let you in on a little secret, I am WAAAAYYYY more excited about my second baby’s nursery than I was for Harrison’s.  Much has to do with trial and error. Looking back EVERYTHING about motherhood was so new and my brain was constantly being overloaded with information, products, and advice of what to do and what to buy, that I made some mistakes in my purchases.  This time around I’ve applied what I’ve learned and will be making baby #2’s nursery functional without sacrificing style.

I’m a big fan of the Pottery Barn aesthetic of a classic and clean design, that it’s played a large factor in inspiration for our baby’s room.  I’ve mentioned before that his nursery will remain along the same color scheme as the rest of our home: grey, white, wood, and blue.  I find these colors to be calming for me.  When I know I’ll be spending hours on end in our baby’s room, I want to find some serenity when I’m in the thick of caring for a newborn.

I’ve paired all of these essentials with items from Pottery Barn to make your one-stop shopping needs easy.  But I do love me a bargain, so for a few of the items, I’m sharing alternatives that are light on your wallet.  Big YAY for savings!

Also keep in mind that this design board is of a neutral color palate, but the functionality remains the same for any color scheme you choose!  Here’s a round-up of the bare essentials you’ll need in a nursery:

Safe Crib

Dresser and Changing table combination

Rugs: one and two  (alternatively IKEA’s faux sheepskin rug is a steal at $12.99)

Design tip- by taking an oversized rug and layering it with a smaller rug on top you create dimension and warmth.  Layering rugs is especially key when you are dealing with a neutral palate in order to prevent a plain and texture-less space.  Added bonus- you’ll have plenty of cushion when doing tummy time and during those crawling months.

Nursing nook to include somewhere comfy to sit, comfy blanket for you (and a swaddle for baby), plus a side table to rest your nursing knickknacks.

Design tip- if you decide to purchase a glider or rocker, opt for a white fabric because there’s almost a guaranteed chance your little one will end up spitting up on it.  Believe it or not, cleaning up breast milk on a light-colored chair is much easier and tends to not show remaining residue.

I’m opting to keep our guest bed in the nursery as the bedding is already inline with the nursery look and I find it comfortable nursing/soothing baby while I’m sprawled out on a bed.  But if I do decide to make the last-minute decision to get a glider, I’ve eyed this affordable option as my go-to choice.

Lighting is essential because you’ll be awake and then sleeping at all hours of day.  So consider having blackout shades to counter the day and a lamp for night (I’m obsessed with this particular lamp since there’s a quick on/off switch on the bottom.  Genius.)

Storage to hide and keep clutter at bay.  Wicker baskets for the changing table are great to keep an organized changing table and woven baskets for toys and books are sturdy enough to overcome daily abuse.

Sincerely, Kymberly



Making Room

making room // pregnancy announcementpregnancy annoucement // displaying family clothespregnancy announcement // onesieTurning our all-purpose guest room into a nursery has got me lit up with excitement!  The idea of defining a space for our second child has my mind racing.  One thing I do know is that when my nesting instincts kick up into high gear, I’ll be planning an all-white nursery to welcome Baby home to.

Making the decision to expand our family was an easy one.  In fact, it was one the Hubby and I decided on a few months after the birth of our first-born, Harrison.  We joked to each other that we wanted “Irish twins,” but in reality it wasn’t until an amazing (and our first family) trip to Hawaii that we truly felt ready.

Now, if you’re doing a little math here,  you’ll be able to determine our wait-for-another-baby didn’t come as quickly as expected.  I did my best to remain positive, not “think about it,” and just let things happen when they happen.  But when months, and even a year passes, it’s easy to re-evaluate the whole “glass half full” mentality.

My self-pity parties didn’t last long.  I’d continue to remind myself to believe in Faith, Hope, and Love.  Eventually He would give us a positive response.

With the added help from our fertility doctor,  we indeed got the response we had prayed 14 months for.  As much as I’m a bit weirded out by mentioning this,  I feel it’s important to recognize that even though I’m in my young 30’s, live a fairly stress-free lifestyle, and I’m part of an outstanding marriage; sometimes things seem beyond your control, and getting a helping hand from modern medicine can make your dreams come true.  Turning a dream into a reality isn’t something to be ashamed of and is why I’m sharing this particular paragraph.

I admit our road could have been more difficult to overcome.  Looking back, it was a minor bump compared to those who have infertility doctor bills thousands of dollars more than ours, or even those who have to go through the long process of adoption.  My heart goes out to those families.

With my first trimester past, the next question to face is finding out the gender.  This is where the all-white nursery comes into play.  We have chosen not to find out whether we are blessed with a boy or a girl.  What waiting-on-a-baby has taught us, is to be truly thankful for your fortunes.  To put focus on preparing on the necessities: stocking up on diapers, wet wipes, buying a double stroller, editing our 529 plan, and I say this last part in all seriousness,– finding the perfect diaper bag.

Being the planner than I am, I’ll be sure to pick up a couple of those adorable bows (just in case) to match the white, cream and grey newborn onesies I’ll have washed and ready for when baby arrives.  Who knows, I’ll probably also pick up one or two of those undeniably cute pink dresses (again, just in case) and new blue outfits Baby Gap has on constant rotation.

Or maybe there will be a day when I’ll look over at my Husband, tell him how nuts we are for waiting 6 months, and analyze the heck out of our latest ultrasound.

In either case, stay tuned :).

Sincerely, Kymberly 


Baby’s 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Nursery Collage

Happy Birthday Nursery Collage

Happy Birthday Nursery Collage

Happy Birthday Nursery CollageCan you believe it?  My handsome Harrison is 1-year-old today!  We had a fun-filled birthday weekend.  Our little man took his pictures to celebrate the occasion,  had a smash cake session and he opened his birthday presents.

Harrison really enjoyed taking pictures.  We started off our session in the comforts of his nursery.  Mommy and Daddy filled his crib and room with balloons and then we let him play in it!  Afterwards, we ventured outside where we pitched a tent and allowed our son to smash his one year old birthday cake!  Harrison didn’t leave much cake left for Mommy and Daddy to try.  Oh well!  As long as he enjoyed it!

I was able to snap away a few behind the scene pictures taken by the talented Southern California photographer, Alison Bernier Kids.

Sincerely, Kymberly

SoCal welcomes The Land of Nod!


I became aware of The Land of Nod when I was researching fun, hip bed linens during my pregnancy.  I was looking for something a bit more modern and fresh for my son.   What did I come up with?  None other than, The Land of Nod who “offer(s) design for kids and people that used to be kids.”  From that point on, I became a loyal customer of The Land of Nod.  My son’s nursery is decked out in Nod gear and I couldn’t be more pleased with it!

When it came to my attention that The Land of Nod was opening a store in Orange County, I was thrilled.  This past weekend was the store’s grand opening and my family ventured the short distance to South Coast Plaza to check it out.

My husband and I (two grown up adults in our 30’s) had a blast in the store!  My 9 month old son loved it too!  We were touching and feeling all the different products.  We were “oooohhing” and “aaawwwing” at all the toys and bedroom accessories.   We were even laughing and playing with just about every gadget we could get our hands on.  There were masks we tried on, a coloring book station we doodled at and even an area to read and play puzzles.  My son found himself a blue pick up truck that he became fascinated with and crawled around the store with the truck in hand.


Trying on masks


Playing with the puzzles


My son left his mark 😉

One thing that made me say, “OMG!” was the locking block pattern found on one of their gliders and a rug.  I absolutely became obsessed with it!  I believe this locking block pattern will be the next chevron print.  Also, I loved it even more because the pattern looks like the letter “H.”  Either piece would look fabulous in Harrison’s room :).


Another interesting feature was the crafty kraft paper letters ($3.95/each) that spelled out “PLAY.”  I particularly liked how the yellow dots are stickers you can find at almost any craft section of a store.  What a cool DIY that is both affordable and unique!


Although it would have been nice to walk out of the store with all of our must-have items, we did save a few items to purchase later down the road.  Here are a few items on my wish list:


Lottie Dots Decals in Gold: $24.95 for a set of 48.  I can think of about a 1001 DIY ideas for these decals!

California onesie: If only I had another baby to dress him/her in this…

A Teepee to Call Your Own: $149.  For the future Cowboys and Indians and other make-believe playing my son is going to get himself into.

Grand Canvas USA Map: A steal at $29, I kept contemplating how to incorporate this map into my son’s room.  Hmmm….

However, we did leave the Land of Nod with a couple of throw pillows and a couple of toys that I am loving!  The store even gave us a free canvas tote in honor of their grand opening!


ABC Throw Pillows $19/each


Helicopter: $24.95, Pick Up Truck: $8.95, Nod canvas tote: free!

Next time you’re in the South Coast Plaza area, check out The Land of Nod.  You and your family will be in for a treat!

Sincerely, Kymberly