A Black Tie Maternity Shoot

thegreatromance-maternity-black dressthegreatromance-family portrait-maternitythegreatromance-black and white formal attire-toddlerthegreatromance-black tie-toddlerthegreatromance-father and son-photo shootthegreatromance-black and white maternity-family photo shootthegreatromance-family-maternitythegreatromance-toddler-bowt tiethegreatromance-family-formal-photothegreatromance-toddler kissing mom belly-pregnancythegreatromance-pregnant-toddler-formal-photothegreatromance-formal-family-photothegreatromance-beach-family-photothegreatromance-formal maternity photo-beachthegreatromance-formal-family-portrait-beachthegreatromance-beach-maternity-black dressthegreatromance-pregnant bellythegreatromance-black and white-toddler on the beachthegreatromance-toddler on beach-suspendersthegreatromance-formal-maternity-beachthegreatromance-family portrait-maternity sessionthegreatromance-black tie-maternity thegreatromance-maternity-photo-onesiethegreatromance-onesiethegreatromance-maternity session-kissesthegreatromance-husbandthegreatromance-gold shoesthegreatromance-family on beachIf you could see me now, I’ve smiling from ear to ear with happiness at how well my maternity photos turned out :).  Thanks to my new BFF’s over at Great Romance Photo, they captured our black tie family session picture perfectly!  I tell ya, client satisfaction at its best.  #repeatcustomersforsure.

Sincerely, Kymberly


Cape Cod vacation {recap}

Chatham Bars Inn_cottage_ocean view Chatham Bars Inn_cottageChatham Bars Inn croquet fieldcroquet playingtoddler playing croquetcroquet playing in Cape CodChatham Bars Inn_Cape CodChatham Bars InnChatham Bars Inn_clam bakeChatham Bars Inn outdoor diningChatham Bars Inn beachChatham_Cape Cod19 weeks pregnantLighthouse Lane_Cape CodChatham Fish MarketChatham Fish Market PierfamilyHunter bootsBocce ballNauset Lighthousetoddler fall fashionNauset Light_Cape CodNauset Beach_Cape Codselfiecape cod chip factorycape cod chip factory_walk wayWhat can I say, Cape Cod- you have my heart.    I like you a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.

After visiting Washington, D.C. and Boston; relaxation was my number one priority when we reached Cape Cod.  To accomplish this, I booked us a private cottage that overlooked the Atlantic.  Our stay at Chatham Bars Inn was luxurious, relaxing, and provided the quintessential New England vibe I had wanted to experience.

My second priority while in the Cape was to enjoy fresh seafood.  I did just that.  Lobster became my go-to grub and I enjoyed ever single bite from my 2 pounders I’d order.  Here’s an insider’s tip: want to feel like a local and save $$$ like a local, order your lobster dinner at the local fish market where they will prep and cook the lobster for you.  Then take it home to enjoy in the comforts of your hotel.

Having never been to Cape Cod before, it turned out to be the exact trip I had hoped for.  We cycled through our routine of walking the beach, horsing around the croquet court (which conveniently was located in front of our cottage), window shopped Chatham’s quaint main street, snapped a few pictures in front of some iconic lighthouses, and even took a trip to the Cape Cod potato chip factory.

Granted I had hoped to test out my newly certified sailors license, but the lack of fair winds made it impossible to do.  Oh well.  Looks like I’ll just have to keep “sailing the Atlantic” on my bucket list for a little bit longer.  But I’m not complaining, all the more reason to plan a return trip to the Cape.  😉

Sincerely, Kymberly


Seals on a Saturday

hiking trail  // santa barbarahiking trail // carpinteriaoverlooking a cliff // carpinteriacarpinteria seal sanctuarypointing out the harbor sealsharbor seals // carpinteriacarpinteria seal sanctuaryseals // carpinteria

I love my Saturdays.  And if I was a betting person, I’m sure you do as well :).  If you are fortunate to sleep in on your day of rest, I’m jealous.  I’ve never been the type to sleep in.  I’m the gal who needs to be out doing something shortly after waking up.  That often finds me headed off on an outside excursion with the hubby and tot.  And because it’s Saturday, it usually finds me sans makeup (#justsaying).  Luckily, I married a man who loves my natural look 😉 and my love for being an active early bird.  To top it, I’ve got my 20 month old trained to share the same love of hiking and long walks.

This particular Saturday we found ourself hiking in Carpinteria to view the seal sanctuary.   Prior to our visit, a friend told me the Harbor seals live their all year round. During December-May the seals give birth to their cubs on the shoreline and it’s during the spring months, you’ll see the cubs relaxing upon the shore because their little bodies don’t have the thick layer of fat to protect them from the ocean.  After hearing about this place, my reaction went something like this, “Aww, that sounds so cute and fun!”  Followed by a huge smile on my face :).  Clearly, my friend knows me well enough to have suggested this.  I mean, after telling you of this place; tell me you’d want to visit too, right?  And so you should ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly

P.S. For a closer look at the seals, just click on the image for a blown up picture.

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5 Ways to decorate with sea shells

Just the other week I was chatting away about how the west coast got hit hard with 3 days of rain.  I mean, it was intense!  Because we live so close to the coast, I couldn’t help but bear witness to the incredible (yet equally terrifying) waves mother nature was throwing out to the sandy shores of Santa Barbara.  The aftermath of #stormwatch2014 was just as brutal.  Local restaurants were damaged, the piers were closed for repairs, and several sailboats were shipwrecked onto the beaches.  Did you see my Instagram picture of the shipwreck?  That’s what we land-folks like to call, “totaled.” 😉

Just a week and half after the storm, the weather has returned to its warm 70-ish degrees.  This allowed for Harrison and I to take an afternoon stroll to check out another local beach spot.  Instead of shipwrecks and massive amounts of kelp that we found at the other beach (which is just a few miles away) I was surprised to come across a much more “rockier” beach.  The storm washed upon the shore, tons of really cool sea shells.  That my friends, lead lil man and I on a quest to pick up all as many sea shells as we could.  I was trying to be selective and only take “large, pretty, and unique sea shells” to add to my existing collection, while my toddler’s measurement was more of a “what ever he could grab” approach.  Goleta Beach // Californiaseashells in blue and white plate

Now that I’m home and I’ve got a tray full of sea sells, the million dollar question is, “what to do with them?”  I referred to my DIY bible (aka Pinterest) and pulled together 5 ways to decorate with sea shells.  Here’s how I like to see sea shells incorporated into your interior décor:


5 ways to decorate with sea shells


For now I’m letting them continue to dry out in our backyard.  Since I don’t have any large conches or corals; just small sea shells, I’m loving the idea of leaving them out on a patio table for decor.  But I’d love your thoughts- any ideas on how to decorate with sea shells?

Sincerely, Kymberly

Beach bummin’ it

Often I’m busy during the week running errands and making sure our household stays afloat.  The laundry doesn’t get done by itself, you know 😉 .  Even though my days seem to flash before me, I make it a point to take time out of the day to get out and enjoy our town.  On this particular afternoon, our day was winding down so I figured we would make a pit stop at the park to play.  What I particularly like about this park is that it’s on the beach so little man and I stayed to sit back and enjoy the sunset.  Just like Mommy, Harrison’s a beach bum too so he enjoyed every minute of it.

A funny little fact, my little man interchangeably calls the beach, “water” and “bath.”  Well, yes Harrison I guess you’re right about that…  Kind of… sort of…

Here’s some pictures I snapped away on my iPhone from our hour detour.  Enjoy 🙂 !

(Oh and I’ll warn you now, I actually posted a pic of me sans makeup….gasp!)  Just keeping it real folks…

Sincerely, Kymberly

beach park, Santa Barbaraplayground on the beach, Santa Barbarabeach playgroundBeach at Sunsettoddler on the beach during sunsetYay!

Brunch on a cliff

bistro_bacara resort_www.sincerelykymberly.combistro_bacara resort_www.sincerelykymberly.comthe bistro_bacara resort_www.sincerelykymberly.comcliff_www.sincerelykymberly.comfollow my lead_www.sincerelykymberly.comcome with me_www.sincerelykymberly.comfinding a rose_www.sincerelykymberly.comGoleta trail_www.sincerelykymberly.combacara resort_www.sincerelykymberly.combeach_www.sincerelykymberly.combeach_goleta_www.sincerelykymberly.comI love food.  I mean, I really, really love food.  So when my husband mentioned The Bistro at Bacara Resort near our home that’s known for their Sunday brunch buffet AND the restaurant is located on a cliff overlooking the beach, I canceled our original weekend plans just to check it out.  Plus, it helped that every Yelp review I read confirmed how delicious our brunch would be.

The food was amazing.  I had three plates full and lots of drinks.  I may or may not have over ate 😉 .  Oh and the view was breathtaking.  After brunch, we took the short (but steep) walk down to the beach to frolic around.  With all the food I ate, it probably was a good thing I ended up running around with Harrison under that warm California heat 🙂 .

Sincerely, Kymberly