It’s a… {gender reveal}

gender reveal // it's a boy

So I have to confess, we unintentionally found out our baby’s gender a month ago.  A secret I have been horrible at keeping because I’ve been slipping and using the baby’s gender when addressing my child.  Although, I don’t think any of my friends had noticed my subtle use of “he.”

The surprising news came at my 22-week appointment where my baby’s bulge was on full display shortly after the ultrasound turned on.  A quick switch to 3D mode indeed proved that it’s a boy!  Our little guy seemed determined to set the record straight that he is a boy.  I’d like to believe he was fed up with constantly being called a “girl” or the fact I had already purchased several shoes and headbands in preparation for a girl to arrive.  A bit pre-mature on my part, but that my friends is how much I felt in my heart that I was carrying a girl.

Good thing I planned on an all-white nursery…

After a month of processing this news I’m now at a place where the shock of not carrying a girl has worn off and I’ve come to grips with the fact I am surrounded by boys.  I mean, even my dog is a boy.

And so, it looks like I won’t be passing along my imaginary Harry Winston jeweled crown to a future princess.  But that’s okay, I’m sort of diggin’ it a top my pageant hair.  All (in my household), hail to this Queen B ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly


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