Pregnancy Update: 4 months

4 months pregnant

{recently attended a local polo game}

1.  Overall, how did your 4th month of pregnancy go?

I think I am the worst for admitting this, but the first word that comes to mind is “alright.”  Don’t get me wrong, I continue to feel blessed to be pregnant, but having to suffer HORRIBLE morning and all day sickness while caring for a 2 year old, made our daily activities of play dates, afternoon’s swimming, and errands more difficult to accomplish.

2.  How is this pregnancy different than the last one?

With Harrison, I immediately had food cravings.  I wanted to eat meat.  In fact, I used to not eat pork, but started eating it again with HB just because my body craved pork chops and bacon.  

So far, I’m not craving anything.  The extent of my cravings is eating lots of fruits and drinking smoothies daily, but I believe a lot of this has to do with the heat wave California is still in (and let me remind you, it’s October!  #wheresfall?)

3.  What are you doing this week?

Trying to determine nicknames for our already picked out boy and girl names.  So far, no luck and it’s making me (slightly) question our names.

4.  As of lately, what are you wearing?

Shift dresses continue to be my go-to wardrobe.  (the plus side to living in year-long warm weather).

5.  What was the highlight of your 4th month of pregnancy?

During week 16, I felt baby kick for the first time.  That new feeling feels just as amazing as it did the last time.  

6.  Shell out some honest thoughts, will ya?

I’m now in week 17 and I’ve gained 7 pounds already.  I’d have to say it’s not noticeable where one would automatically speculate I have a baby bump.  My weight gain has spread out evenly throughout my belly making me still look like I’ve overeaten or frontal muffin-toppin’ it.   

7.  What do you think you are having, a boy or girl?

A girl because every old wise tale points to me carrying a girl.  

8.  Still planning on not finding out the gender?

That is correct :).

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. Oy! I don’t miss that part of pregnancy – morning sickness!!! I remember with HW I couldn’t stomach eating meat or EGGS – just looking at an egg, even a cartoon picture of an egg, would make me vomit!!! It was all carbs and I think I gained around 43lbs and my nurse and I would joke about how I’d be giving birth to a potato chip. lol!

    PS. This post is adorable! I love seeing your beautiful little family and your adorable bump – more dressing the bump pics please!

    1. I sadly gained 49lbs! I beat you :(. But looks like you lost it all! Clap, clap!!!

      More pictures posted today and I’ll be showing off my bump in the rest of my vacation recaps and I even have my 5 month recap to share too 🙂

  2. Aww, this was such a cute post, Kymberly!! =)

    I like how you’re keeping the gender a surprise for your second one! ❤ Oh, and I don't know if I told you this, but my hubby wants to name our boy (when we do decide to have a baby AND it's a boy!) Harrison!! What are the odds? Do you mind sharing with me how you guys chose that name? For my hubby, it's his love for Harrison Ford aka Han Solo. LOL!

    1. Glad you liked reading it, Christina!!! Yes, I love Harrison Ford too…he’s a charming man so I never mind it when people ask if that’s the connection. We picked Harrison for several reasons: our love for the letter H, love last names as first names, it’s a strong sounding name, and it’s the name of a street in San Francisco where we decided to start trying. So it all sort of worked! Want to know something crazy– I’m in love with the name Ford too. But I can’t name another of our kid that– then people would really think I’m head over heels with Harrison Ford!! Maybe you can add Ford to your list? 😉

      1. Omg, what a cute story behind his name!! Ford…I love it! I bet my hubby would too:) Thanks for the best idea, hun! And also for sharing your story behind his name. So cute!!!

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