I mentioned in this post, our summer kick-off trip was to Moab, Utah.  The week began with wedding festivities;  followed by hiking trips thru Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse State Park.  Ending the trip with a cruise around the Colorado river, made this my favorite trip of the year.  A trip to be remembered for being surrounded by love, breathtaking views, and a big emphasis on hiking, hiking, and well…hiking.  My Keen’s put on some serious mileage per my Strava app.

With the plan of keeping my blog updated with the usual 2 -3 posts per week, I was suppose to share our Moab adventures shortly after.  That would have been about a month ago but…

Plan B, you win.

Instead, I fell into the trap of fully embracing (and let’s be honest) enjoying summer.  Whether we were in Colorado vacationing or staying in the comforts of our beach town, I’ve somehow got into my head I’m on vacation all summer.  I tell ya, the sun can do that to a girl ;).

But stay tuned for more recaps of my summer adventures.  I can’t keep a muzzle on myself any longer.  I’ve got plenty to share and you are just the person I want to spill the beans too ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly
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  1. it was my favorite vacation by far. so thankful i was able to share that special week with you and your beautiful, loving family.

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