Shopping for Sunnies

Warby Parker // Packaging  I recently became friends with the folks over at Warby Parker and they introduced me to their Home Try-On program.  The gist of it is simple:  pick 5 sunglasses, for 5 days, and it’s totally free.  With summer days ahead, tortoise sunnies have quickly topped my wish-list.  So I thanked WP for the heads up (complete with a smiley face emoticon, thumbs up, and raise the roof emoji) and headed over to their site to order.

Warby Parker //  Warby Home Try OnWarby Parker // summer sunglassesWarby Parker // Reilly frameWarby Parker // RobinsonWarby Parker // Quimby frameWarby Parker // Lowry frameWarby Parker // Banks frameWarby Parker // 5 sunglassesWarby Parker // sideThe 5 sunglasses I choose where all from their new summer collection: Reilly, Robinson, Quimby, Lowry, and Banks.  A stunning set of spectacles if you ask me.


Warby Parker // ReillyRobinson:

Warby Parker // Robinson try on

Warby Parker // Quimby try on

Warby Parker // Lowry try on

Banks:Warby Parker // Banks try onI have to say, I adore them all.

This calls for round 2.  With my top 3 choices in hand, I went outside to see if mother nature’s natural lighting could narrow down my choice:

Warby Parker // Reilly outsideWarby Parker // Lowry outsideWarby Parker // Banks outsideStill a tough choice, but I think I’m leaning towards…

Warby Parker // summer 2014 sunglassesWarby Parker // Lowry try on insideThe Lowry!!

Okay friends, what do ya think?  Yay!  or Nay? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Sincerely, Kymberly

Love the shades yourself?  I encourage you to test out the Home Try-On program.

To seal the deal, here’s 5 reasons why I shop at Warby Parker:

(5)  Super Chic and GQ-like style.

(4)  Polarized lenses come standard.

(3)  Quality materials used.

(2)  Buy a pair, give a pair program.

(1)  $95/pair.

Happy Shopping 😉


  1. Oh Kymberly, love your post!!! You are so cute!!! I love the ones that you chose. Ok, I’m going to be the only that will go out on a limb, but I also like the Reilly for a little more drama! But really, the ones you decided on are just gorgeous!!! I have my old Ray Bans that someone left on my husband’s desk at work and no one claimed them!

    Hey, if you don’t mind me asking…what camera do you use? I love your photos! Wow! Good job!


    1. Janine! So can you believe I let this comment slip by me? Ahh, I blame it on my summer vacation mindset ;). I adored the Reily too and honestly kept going back and forth on that particular pair. But at $99 bucks maybe I can swing it next time?

      Oh, and finder’s keepers…loosers weepers :).

      A DSLR…Sony…because it’s compact and has all the lenses I need :). See you around the internet sphere!

    1. Glad you liked the program- you gals should try it out! The folks over at Warby Parker are so awesome! Oh and I agree, the round ones weren’t my fav but they were worth testing out for the day 😉

  2. Oh you are simply adorable!! I love your choice; it was what I was going to say before I saw the last pic!

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