Where to? Wear this. // Memorial Day Weekend

Let me just say, Monday’s sorta suck.  But mentally planning your weekend outfits may just do the trick to getting thru this whole Monday thru Friday bis-snaz.  With Memorial Day coming up, I’ve got three full days to plan and I’m already itching with excitement at an itinerary that looks as simple as this: beach day, pool day, and BBQ’ing.

If last week’s heat wave is any indication what the weekend will entail, I’ll be sure to continue the tunic and swimsuit dress code come Saturday thru Monday.

With a different change of swimsuits for each day and a tote full of beachside essentials, here’s what I’ve drummed up to get you thru the weekend.  

All that’s left to bring is an ice-cold __________ (you fill in the blank).

Sincerely, Kymberly

memorial day weekend1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

{All links go to the following brands: Birkenstock, J. Crew, J. Crew Factory, Madewell, and Warby Parker}



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