Polo and Ponies

We may be missing Sunday mass a lot more than we should this summer.  I think the good weather and the best-ever hashtag created (#sundayfunday) will be dictating our Sunday affairs.  You see, my family and I thrive on being out in the sun.  It’s sort of our main ingredient to our weekend plans.  Then throw in some horses, a polo match, and a glass of champagne; well, well, well my friends… I’ve got myself the perfect elixir for #sundayfunday.  With my canvas bag in tow, sunscreen, and parasols; we made our way to the polo fields to enjoy opening day.

And so the story goes:  We came.  We saw.  We divot stomped.

Sincerely, Kymberly

Toddler Polo outfitPolo PoniesSanta Barbara Polo Club // Polo StandsKisses // Santa Barbara Polo GameSanta Barbara Polo and Racquet ClubSpectators view // Polo Gametoddler Outfit at Polo GameSanta Barbara  Polo Club // Polo GamePolo // Divot stompSanta Barbara Polo Club // magazine


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