Where to? Wear this. // Mother’s Day



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Two things occurred when writing this post:

(1) the sudden urge to window shop the internet clothing racks of Tory Burch and J. Crew.

(2) an equally important urge to make a pitcher of lemon and lime infused water ;).

I was talking to the ever-so-loving Hubs about our Mother’s Day plans and as we sorted out the details for Sunday, we came to the conclusion that being outside for the day is a must.  So planning an outfit that can take me from brunch, to a stroll along the beach, and a possible dip into the ocean is in order.  Turning to a shift dress like this one with the peter pan collar and crochet details provides just the necessary amount of being dressed up for the day’s occasion.  Paired with nude leather flats and a swim suit hidden underneath, allows for the ease of being beach-ready.  Throw in a straw fedora to keep the UV rays at bay, plus an oversized tote to lug around the mommy essentials (diapers, water, sunblock and lip gloss for moi) and I’d say I’m good to go!

Now at the snap of my fingers, the outfit shall appear in my closet….snap.

(I’m still working on my magic skills…)

Sincerely, Kymberly


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