Easter Firsts

Yup, I’m such a Mom.  Taking a snap shot of my son’s every “first.”

Last year: My son’s 1st Easter.

At only 8 months old he enjoyed crawling around with Easter props.

Easter // Baby's 1st Easter // 2013

This year: My son’s 1st Easter egg hunt.

Now he’s off running and ready for the hunt to begin!

easter_2014_boy_2easter_2014_boyeaster // egg hunteaster_2014_family

I’m still shocked at the difference a year makes.

Thanks for bearing with me while I share my joyous moments as a proud mama :).  But can you blame me?  That smile melts me 🙂

I hope you folks, family, and friends had a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter!

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. Gosh! I remember that pic of you and HB last year like it was just a few days ago! How has a year gone by already?! HB looks like he had SO much fun at his first Easter Egg Hunt!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

    1. Well thank you! I have been a bit on the overload with personal posts lately but I just couldn’t help but squeeze in one more ;). I’ll be sure to switch it up soon with other fun topics, I promise!

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