Seals on a Saturday

hiking trail  // santa barbarahiking trail // carpinteriaoverlooking a cliff // carpinteriacarpinteria seal sanctuarypointing out the harbor sealsharbor seals // carpinteriacarpinteria seal sanctuaryseals // carpinteria

I love my Saturdays.  And if I was a betting person, I’m sure you do as well :).  If you are fortunate to sleep in on your day of rest, I’m jealous.  I’ve never been the type to sleep in.  I’m the gal who needs to be out doing something shortly after waking up.  That often finds me headed off on an outside excursion with the hubby and tot.  And because it’s Saturday, it usually finds me sans makeup (#justsaying).  Luckily, I married a man who loves my natural look 😉 and my love for being an active early bird.  To top it, I’ve got my 20 month old trained to share the same love of hiking and long walks.

This particular Saturday we found ourself hiking in Carpinteria to view the seal sanctuary.   Prior to our visit, a friend told me the Harbor seals live their all year round. During December-May the seals give birth to their cubs on the shoreline and it’s during the spring months, you’ll see the cubs relaxing upon the shore because their little bodies don’t have the thick layer of fat to protect them from the ocean.  After hearing about this place, my reaction went something like this, “Aww, that sounds so cute and fun!”  Followed by a huge smile on my face :).  Clearly, my friend knows me well enough to have suggested this.  I mean, after telling you of this place; tell me you’d want to visit too, right?  And so you should ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly

P.S. For a closer look at the seals, just click on the image for a blown up picture.

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  1. Just found your blog via Hilary Y. We are in MOPS together. So funny too since I have a friend that lives in SB who is also Kim(my) Barlow. Maybe you two will run into and meet each other. Looks like you’re totally enjoying living in SB! Thanks for the idea about the seals. I haven’t been out there in years but will be taking our boys this Saturday!

  2. i love how your family loves to explore your neighborhood and how HB is the happiest when he’s outside 🙂

    1. It was a fun Saturday morning venture! We just grabbed our coffees and headed over for a walk and to view the seals :). Can you believe those seals hang out there all year round? You’ll have tons of adventures soon enough!

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