Hello, April

Oh hi, it’s me :).  Remember me?  Your friend; the blogger.  You know, the one with a J. Crew obsession, whose a proud mama, and lover of enjoying the outdoors.  Yes, nice to see you again (cue: a big hug…squeeze!)

I intentionally took a month of from blogging to sit back and enjoy life.  I had looked at my calendar and knew that March was going to be a busy month for me.  So rather than fighting to stay up in the wee hours of the morning to stick to my scheduled postings or go the other route and post maybe one or two posts (yes, that’s how packed March was for me) I decided to let my blogging hobby take a backseat.

So what have I been up to?

(1)  Making new friends.  Bonus points because these cool chicks happen to be mom’s with tots Harrison’s age! Yay, a win-win!  beach playdate // Hendry's Beach

The 3 Amigos

playing ball at the park // santa barbara

(2)  Enjoying Santa Barbara.  I tell you, 8 months ago when the hubby said we were moving from the beautiful OC to Santa Barbara; I kicked and screamed.  I’m an Orange County girl through and through.  But SB is equally beautiful and I can’t get over all the preserved coastal access.  (Preserved land is one thing Orange County lacks).Carpinteria // hikesanta barbara piergoleta pier

(3)  Celebrated our wedding anniversary with a week long trip to Colorado where we enjoyed ice skating, skiing, made s’mores, and went on a sleigh ride.  Although we are happily smiling in the pictures, we were down right freezing!  I sorta forgot that snow=cold.Keystone Colorado // ice skatingsleigh ride // keystone colorado

(4)  Attempting (I say that in the present tense since I’m working on this) to do a spring cleaning.  I’m in the midst of transitioning my closet.  My days of stilettos and full glam makeup are a distant past.  So I need to make room in my closet for my now tomboy chic apparel (aka: skinny jeans, a v-neck and a baseball cap).  Thank goodness the sporty look is “in” since most days I’m a walking Lululemon ad.

santa barbara zoo

It’s good to be back.

Won’t you come by my internet-neck of the woods again?  I’ll be up and running with recaps of my adventures and my thoughts on trivial things like: fashion and interior design soon enough ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. DARLING picture of you 2 sliding down the hill! Harrison’s face shows he is sooo loving it! And let’s hope not ALL the stilettos and full glam items were given away… Sometimes a girl may need a fix;-)

    1. Thank you sweets- I do adore that picture too! P.S., I didn’t give them all away, just rotated my closet a bit to accommodate my every day lifestyle. I did however keep my favorite red soles just a short grab away…for that 1x a month date night ;)!

  2. Thank you Viv! It’s nice to be back and documenting my life and my loves :). Oh, and I hear you on the Sorels- ADORBS! Looking forward to seeing you soon mama! Thank you again for reading my blog. xoxo

  3. Aww! Nice to see you posting Kym! Sounds like you had a wonderful March! I can’t get over HB in his little Sorels! And it was SO great seeing you guys in March! Miss you lots!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

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