5 Ways to decorate with sea shells

Just the other week I was chatting away about how the west coast got hit hard with 3 days of rain.  I mean, it was intense!  Because we live so close to the coast, I couldn’t help but bear witness to the incredible (yet equally terrifying) waves mother nature was throwing out to the sandy shores of Santa Barbara.  The aftermath of #stormwatch2014 was just as brutal.  Local restaurants were damaged, the piers were closed for repairs, and several sailboats were shipwrecked onto the beaches.  Did you see my Instagram picture of the shipwreck?  That’s what we land-folks like to call, “totaled.” 😉

Just a week and half after the storm, the weather has returned to its warm 70-ish degrees.  This allowed for Harrison and I to take an afternoon stroll to check out another local beach spot.  Instead of shipwrecks and massive amounts of kelp that we found at the other beach (which is just a few miles away) I was surprised to come across a much more “rockier” beach.  The storm washed upon the shore, tons of really cool sea shells.  That my friends, lead lil man and I on a quest to pick up all as many sea shells as we could.  I was trying to be selective and only take “large, pretty, and unique sea shells” to add to my existing collection, while my toddler’s measurement was more of a “what ever he could grab” approach.  Goleta Beach // Californiaseashells in blue and white plate

Now that I’m home and I’ve got a tray full of sea sells, the million dollar question is, “what to do with them?”  I referred to my DIY bible (aka Pinterest) and pulled together 5 ways to decorate with sea shells.  Here’s how I like to see sea shells incorporated into your interior décor:


5 ways to decorate with sea shells


For now I’m letting them continue to dry out in our backyard.  Since I don’t have any large conches or corals; just small sea shells, I’m loving the idea of leaving them out on a patio table for decor.  But I’d love your thoughts- any ideas on how to decorate with sea shells?

Sincerely, Kymberly


    1. Thanks for the sweet words Rebecca :)! I adore your blog too! And funny timing…I just wrote my newest blog post after taking an intentional month off 🙂 . See you on IG and on the social media world soon, love!

  1. Those shells are so pretty, Kym! Love the bookshelf display and the last pic! But I can only imagine how K would get into them! For now, I’ve been saving all our seashells and sea stuff in a big Mason jar in the bathroom!

    1. I hear ya, having dainty seashells (or really anything breakable) is a scary thing especially around toddler’s since they always find themselves grabbing anything of value! Oohhh, I like the idea of displaying them in large mason jars too…thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Well thank you and I absolutely appreciate the Pinterest and Facebook love :). Ditto right back!! It’s always warms my heart connecting with other beautiful mama’s who help support one another, rather than tearing other ladies down ;). You’ve got my support ❤

  2. Beautiful shells! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I like the idea of leaving them in the patio. I’ve never done anything with shells other than frames when I was at school. My auntie decorated the base of a lamp with some once and it looked gorgeous in her conservatory x

    1. Thank you mama! I’m currently thinking about leaving them in jars out on the patio and probably having them displayed on a table for those al fresco dining nights 🙂 . Thank you for the awesome idea- I actually really like the lamp idea and saw some really cool ones online but all the ones I liked had a large seashell or coral instead of the lamp rather than the dozen or so I have.

  3. Wow, those are beautiful shells that you found Kymberly! Love the idea of keeping them outside as a patio table display, and I also really like the jar in a bathroom, especially if you have a shelf and add other sea-related items. Cheers!

    1. Well, thank you friend! I think the outdoor idea is best as I don’t want to be too start going the coastal route inside 😉 . But outside is perfect and I think will add that extra umph that’s missing to our backyard! You’ve got great ideas, you should decorate for us! 🙂

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