Pop Art {5th} Birthday Party

pop art party :: desert table

A few weeks ago, I Instagramed a photo from an amazing birthday party we went to.  Since then, I have been DYING to share the rest of the photos until my friend, Miss Party Mom was able to first get the pictures up on her blog.  After all, it was her son’s party and not to mention she’s the talented party planner behind this very awesome and bold-colored birthday party.  Kenna planned an afternoon of art activities, her husband made balloon hats, and my little Harrison played with his new friends.  The highlights were getting to know our new friends better and Harrison is now obsessed with his party favor– he wears his apron every time he helps me prep dinner 😉 .

Here’s a few pics I snapped away, plus several I snagged from Miss Party Mom’s website.  For the full scoop on planning the party and another dozen or so pictures, click over to her blog.  You just might find yourself getting lost in several of her posts as I (ahem) did 😉 .

Sincerely, Kymberly

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  1. omg, i love this kid’s party idea, it’s so creative and fun for the kids. love HB’s new apron and all the art materials. the cupcakes look delicious too!

    1. Thanks mama! Oh I wish I could take credit for this party but it was actually my friend’s party. We just attended the event and I had to share the party and let y’all get inspired by it 🙂

  2. WOW!!! AMAZING! These parties…I’m scared with each year now! Is that a balloon dog jello? Seriously, HB looks so cute in his apron and it’s a great family photo!

    1. I know, parties these days are so elaborate but then again, they are so much fun! K’s party was brilliant work– good job on the invite, thank you card, and the décor! You did amazing Viv 🙂

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