A Butterfly Hike

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After a week of my family being sick and being cooped up in our home, it was nice to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  The other morning we decided to test out our new kid carrier.  With Harrison a bit older now, I feel comfortable hiking with him.  Plus, with an upcoming summer vacation trip where our itinerary is a week of hiking; our quick 3 mile hike seemed like the perfect time to break in the new carrier.

I couldn’t have chosen a better place to hike, the Goleta Preserve during the winter months is where thousands of Monarch Butterflies like to spend their time at.  If you’re in the area or planning a trip to California, I absolutely recommend this hike.  Here’s a couple insider’s tips:

(1) plan your hike while it’s sunny because you’ll see the butterflies flying around.  Since our adventure was first thing in the morning, the fog was still pretty apparent and most of the butterflies remained grouped together.

(2) take on the full hike which ends at a cliff that overlooks the ocean.  Absolutely breathtaking.  I tell ya, that view never gets old 🙂 .

Sincerely, Kymberly


    1. YES I am back :). I took an intentional month off because life seemed to have me too busy to sit down and document it ;). But I’m back….I’ll be posting only 1-2x a week now that I’ve looked at my future schedule. But none the less, I’ll be posting things I hope you love <3. Hugs and kisses mama! I'm looking forward to reading your blog to see what new ventures you've been up too 🙂

    1. Hey mama! I think the butterflies grouped together are just as beautiful if I was to have seen them flying all around :). I’m sure you guys will eventually make a trip to California 🙂 . Where are you from? Oh, and so glad we connected!! I am excited to follow along your blogging journey 🙂

      1. We’re currently living in Connecticut – I lived in NYC for many years and also lived in asia for 2, so its a big change to suburban life! Glad we connected too…excited to follow yours as well!

  1. Holy butterflies!! I’ve never seen anything like that, thank you so much for sharing!! =) I really enjoyed reading your blog as I miss North Cali ❤ My husband and I got married there and are working on a trip back there soon! Till then, I'll live vicariously through your adventures =)


  2. Love the carrier and of course the kid on it. Love the bunches of butterflies. Of course love your blog

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