Where to? Wear this. {Valentine’s Day}

valentine's day \\ where to?  wear this. \\ sincerely kymberly

I’m all about romance and my husband knows that I don’t take Valentine’s (or any holiday) lightly.  (That’s code for: we are celebrating February 14, gosh darn it.)

With thoughts of romance running my head, I couldn’t focus on just one to chat about this week.  So, I thought I’d share my inspirations should one of these five scenarios play out for you 😉 .

1.  Weekend Getaway: packing in style.  (P.S. this bag is legit, it expands A LOT.  You know, just in case you buy a souvenir or two…or three…)

2.  A Candle Lit Dinner: wear a flirty skirt and killer heel.

3.  Staying Indoors:  an oversized button down paired with these lace lovelies is the ideal outfit.

4.  Enjoy the Outdoors:  let your (ahem, Burberry) trench coat be that statement piece.

5.  Surprise!  Just go with it…:  be prepared for anything!  I think comfort is key and I’m loving this tee paired with sneakers.  I’ve been eyeing these Vince slip-on’s for sometime now…

Feeling the romance bug yet?  Oh you will…

Sincerely, Kymberly

P.S.  I’ve got a little clue into what I’ll be expecting…it involves a surprise and some staying indoors…  Ohh la la!


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