Bubble Gum Alley

giggling in bubble gum alley \\ sincerely kymberly

My family and I had been doing lots of local adventures lately, so I thought we would switch it up a bit and venture outside of our Santa Barbara city limits.  With that said, we fueled up the car and headed North to the heart of the central coast, San Luis Obispo.  I heard it has a hip downtown; full of great food and shops.  For this foodie and (recovering) shopaholic, I was excited to make the day trip to SLO.  What sealed the deal was getting to check out the famous Bubble Gum Alley.

First pit stop: picking up much-needed bubble gum (not to cover up horrendous morning breath ) but to chew up and add to the alley’s collection.  Reading Yelp reviews, I knew ahead of time to check out a kitschy soda pop and candy store that’s kitty corner from the alley.

Rocket Fizz Soda and Candycandy and soda pop store \\ sincerely kymberlycandy store \\ sincerely kymberlyjohn lemonade soda pop \\ sincerely kymberlysalt water taffy \\ sincerely kymberlysalt water taffy \\ sincerely kymberlycandy \\ sincerely kymberlyThen a quick walk over to Bubble Gum Alley to take pictures (obvi)…

buble gum alley \\ san luis obispo bubble gum alley \\ san luis obispo kiss \\ bubble gum alley \\ san luis obispobubble gum alley \\ sincerely kymberlybubble gum \\ sincerely kymberlybubble gum \\ sincerely kymberlybubble gum alley \\ initials Without touching too much of that wall (eeeewwwww!!!!!)  I was able to leave our initials somewhere on that wall. You should have seen my hilarious attempt to be very tactical about it.  I even made sure to have my hand sanitizer nearby.

After that adventure, we enjoyed walking the streets of SLO.  If you’re ever in the area, check out Firestone Grill.  OMGeee, th best tri-tip sandwiches ever (ever, ever!)  Tell them Kym sent you…kidding you’ll probably get a blank stare.  I have no pull there.

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. I had a chance to visit SLO a few years back and absolutely loved it! I remember there being a stationery store there that I was head over heels for (I’m addicted to beautiful paper + pens!). I’d go back in a heartbeat-wish I wasn’t so far away! I definitely made a point of visiting bubble gum alley too-so fun! We don’t have anything quite like that around here. I really had a magical time and it looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves too!

    1. Thanks Jennifer for your very sweet comment :). SLO was such a fun day trip and that’s awesome you’ve been too! You may not have SLO, but MI does have some pretty awesome hotspots, lakes and of course, professional sports that I’m jealous of 🙂

  2. AWW what a CUTE post 🙂 and Im so happy to follow you

    Check out my new post..HOT travel inspiration….Yucatan 🙂

    Have a lovely day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor 🙂

    1. Thanks Savannah! You’re a sweetie ❤ I just linked over to your blog and just left you a couple comments! I'm hoping to connect with you more and follow along your family's adorable adventures. P.S. your pillows would look amazing in my son's playroom!

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