Valentine Gift Guide: the Modern Mom

opening presentsvalentines gift guide_modern mom


I just love getting all giddy for special occasions like Valentine’s day 🙂 .  I think it’s so much fun to wear something pink, red, or with hearts on it.  Also, I get a kick out of giving (and receiving) a gift from the ever-so-thoughtful husband.  

But when it comes to gift giving, it’s perfectly normal to drop some major hint bombs so that our doting better-half stays away from outdated gifts like: cheesy boxed candies and generic flowers; and instead get us something we would enjoy.  Husbands think: modern and splurge worthy.  I mean, get us a gift that we would love to have, but we would never buy out of guilt for splurging on ourselves (because we would totally turn around and spend our money on our kids super adorable must-have outfit instead.)  Hmm, priorities…

I put together some of my favorite items that are a splurge worthy and are the perfect gift for any mom.  So here’s my Valentine’s gift guide for the modern mom:

1.  The perfect eye shade for when the husband allows you to sleep in on Saturday (and if you’re lucky Sunday too).  You may want to ask for ear plugs too for the full effect.

2.  Luxurious nail polish because let’s face it, we will probably buy ourselves OPI or Essie before treating ourselves to the swoon-worthy Chanel polish.  Husbands: a pink and red shade would be the perfect colors.  Totally Valentine’s day colors but are classic shades and will always look beautiful next to our sparkling wedding bands 😉 .

3.  While winding down for the evening, getting a one-minute facial using a Clarisonic would be ideal.  I hear they work wonders.  (Hint, hint husband.) They come in the cutest colors and if you have acne-prone skin like myself, they have one designated for that cause.  

4.  Gold jewelry like this “Mrs” necklace is on point.  My hubby bought it for me three years ago and I always recommend it to my gal friends who compliment me on it.  I particularly love that it’s dainty and doesn’t get in the way of me playing around with my toddler.

5.  Skip the Yankee Candle and go for one that not only fills the room with the most beautiful fragrances but also comes in such beautiful packaging.  I’m a huge fan of Jo Malone’s Peony and Blush, it smells delightful.

6.  You can’t go wrong with monogrammed anything.  So monogramming a super soft leather tote would do the trick.  I’m especially loving the tote in red!  For a twist, add “MOM” or “MRS” instead of initials.

7.  Who wouldn’t want a super soft and luxurious throw to wrap yourself and your hubby in?  I know I’d love it!  It doesn’t hurt if that throw is Hermes too 😉 .

8.  Speaking about monogram, adding a personal touch to a white cotton robe sounds cozy to me.  Oh and matching his and hers?  Even sweeter 🙂 .  

What are you hoping to get this Valentine’s Day?  Fingers crossed you do!

Sincerely, Kymberly


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