Beach bummin’ it

Often I’m busy during the week running errands and making sure our household stays afloat.  The laundry doesn’t get done by itself, you know 😉 .  Even though my days seem to flash before me, I make it a point to take time out of the day to get out and enjoy our town.  On this particular afternoon, our day was winding down so I figured we would make a pit stop at the park to play.  What I particularly like about this park is that it’s on the beach so little man and I stayed to sit back and enjoy the sunset.  Just like Mommy, Harrison’s a beach bum too so he enjoyed every minute of it.

A funny little fact, my little man interchangeably calls the beach, “water” and “bath.”  Well, yes Harrison I guess you’re right about that…  Kind of… sort of…

Here’s some pictures I snapped away on my iPhone from our hour detour.  Enjoy 🙂 !

(Oh and I’ll warn you now, I actually posted a pic of me sans makeup….gasp!)  Just keeping it real folks…

Sincerely, Kymberly

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    1. I know, right? Who can beat a park on the beach? There are actually several parks right on the beach here so I’m sure if you and baby K ever get a chance to visit, you guys would have a blast!

      Well the boy may be camera ready, but there’s a reason for my sunnies staying on 😉

  1. did he pick out his clothes for this adventure? does he like going down the slide? diesel can teach HB how to go down slides 🙂

    1. It was an impromptu trip so neither one of us were really “camera ready” 😉 . I kept it real on this post #nomakeup #sorrynotsorry 😉 Actually he get’s frightened by swings and prefers to live dangerously and slide face forward!

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