Be Happy

what ever you decide to do

Last week I introduced my idea of posting my final thoughts for the week.  I’m finding it a great way to sum up how the week has gone.  Which, like every week is– lighting fast!

1.  I picked this inspirational quote because it’s a simple phrase I entirely believe in.  “What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.”  My “little-blog-that-could” (chugga, chugga, choo, choooo) is something I absolutely love doing.  It’s a hobby that makes me happy because it’s my outlet to share my family memories, my thoughts on fashion, and coastal living.  As much as I love keeping up a blog, I’m also thankful for the support I get from everyone who follows along my journey.  Whether you subscribe via email, have “liked” my Facebook page, or follow my other social media sites: Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter; all the love I get totally warms my heart 🙂 .

2.  Speaking about doing what I love, I’ve been taking digital design classes and O-M-G, learning Photoshop is hard.  All of these layers and tools has this mama overwhelmed with it!  But with that said, it’s so.  much.  fun!

3.  Have you tried Barre yet?  It’s sort of the rage the past few years, and I”m now getting into it.  It’s basically a ballet infused class and you incorporate light weights to the cardio routine.  Been taking a couple of classes now and let me tell you…it’s a work-out.  My abs thank you 😉 .  (#fitness2014)   Although more people in my class should wear these studio wraps, they absolutely make a difference in my workout.  You’ve got to try the class and these socks/shoes, you’ll thank me 🙂 .

4.  I’m not the only one in this household having some fun, I recently enrolled Harrison in a couple of organized play groups and he’s been loving all the interaction with the toddlers.  He’s even made a few friends of his own. (Cue, an “awwww”).

5.  It’s t-minus a few more hours till the weekend…Yippee!  Happy Friday friends and have a wonderful weekend!

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. Thanks for the likes. I love the comment what ever you do make sure it makes you happy. We are so driven by styles, marketing and trends that sometimes we lose perspective of imagination, courage and settling for what makes us happy. Often items that hold memories are the things that have the happiest memories but we are afraid to use them because they may not be seen as fresh, contemporary and dynamic. I agree with your comment but say “Who cares what others think, forge your own way…”

    Have fun 🙂

  2. i love barre, but there’s no place to go where i live 😦 love the shoes, i would totally buy them if i took those classes

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