Ralph Lauren inspired office

ralph lauren's office_new york city headquartersdark colors_metalics_leathercoffee table booksvariety of prints_barcart

I’ve been lagging.  For months my husband has been asking me to decorate his office.  I have been putting it off mostly because I’ve only visited his work a hand full of times, so I keep forgetting he is staring at blank walls, stacks of legal books, and a framed family portrait.  I guess what they say is true; out of sight, out of mind 😉 .

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, I thought I’d get back to the process of decorating his office as my gift to him.  First step, creating an inspiration board of what the ideal office would look like.  Taking into account my husband’s wardrobe style is classic and all-american, I’m turning to Ralph Lauren as inspiration.  His brand is the epitome of that timeless Americana look, so I searched the web and found photos of his New York office.  Ralph Lauren’s office is exactly what I’m looking to accomplish.  A masculine room filled with dark colors, leathers, metallics, prints, photos, books, and memorabilia.  Here’s what I’m looking to accomplish and I’ll update once I’m finished with the project.  For my husband’s sake, I’m sure he would like it done sooner rather than later 😉 .

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. That’s so nice you/he gets to decorate his office! J’s is kind of decorated – it’s all his sports memorabilia stuff I can’t stand to see at home! lol!

    xx Viv

    1. LOL, at least your man’s office is decorated! And the sports memorabilia is perfect–I completely see that in J! Jer can’t stand his bland office anymore. In fact, we did lots of shopping this weekend so the makeover is coming together!

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