Be My Valentine?

rice krispy treats_www.sincerelykymberly.comeating rice krispy cereal_www.sincerelykymberly.commarshmellows_www.sincerelykymberly.comeating rice krispy treats_www.sincerelykymberly.comrice kris pies_www.sincerelykymberly.comvalentine cookie cutters_www.sincerelykymberly.comvalentine rice krispies_www.sincerelykymberly.comheart shaped rice krispies_www.sincerelykymberly.comwww.sincerelykymberly.comvalentine's day rice kris pies_www.sincerelykymberly.comI don’t know if it was myself or my husband who came up with the idea of making rice krispie treats, but it was brilliant.  It fulfilled my need for something sweet and I was able to have my 17 month old involved in the process.  We rounded up the simple ingredients of: rice krispies, marshmallows, and butter to make some yummy goodness.  I should mention, I recently made a large batch over Christmas, so I’ve sort of perfected the mix. The recipe is a simple “3-4-5”.  3 tablespoons of butter, 4 cups of marshmallows and 5 cups of rice krispies.

With Valentine’s Day just a couple weeks away, I wanted to be festive and use our Valentine themed cookie cutters.  With plenty to share, I packaged a few for our friends and…ahem, ate the rest…

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. OMG is it funny that my first thought at these pics is your magnetic knife strip and HB sitting right next to them? I know K would be grabbing those SO FAST! lol!
    HB looks adorable as always! Can’t wait to see you both soon!

    xx Viv

    1. No, you are spot on! I kept thinking that and in retrospect, probably should have taken them down. We ended up moving over to the dining table shortly after those pictures were taken so thankful nothing scary happened ;)! Eeekkk

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