Where to? Wear this.

cabin_www.sincerelykymberly.comwhere to_wear this_cabin_www.sincerelykymberly.com

{1} Poncho (on sale & extra 50% off) and Chambray (available in most stores, but I prefer to buy here)

{2}  Necklace (on sale)   {3}  Belt   {4}  Socks   {5} Sunglasses   {6}  Slippers

{7}  welly socks (on sale)   {8}  rain boots  (on sale)  {9} Jeans (on sale)

With most of America experiencing some bitter cold temperatures, maybe it’s best to just stay inside?  Catch up on life, enjoy family time, shop online 😉 ?  Or if you prefer, take a trip outside to get some warm comfort food?  I vote both.  Online shop first, because did you see the deals on some of these clothes?!  Looks like my favorite brands are clearing out their warm weather gear  (yay for us) to make room for new styles.  Then once you’re all said and done, venture out 🙂 .

Since it’s warm over here on the west coast, I’m  for sure talking about warmer weather clothes next week.  I think it’s about time I say good-bye to the cold and get back inline with the warm weather I’m experiencing 🙂 .

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. love the hunter boots with the knitted socks, super cute, but not really good for the snow, but good for cali weather 🙂 come to the midwest and you will see what cold really feels like.

  2. It’d be fun to dress up like this somewhere! I actually bought those cable-knit welly socks in grey this season, and still haven’t had a chance to wear them! Super cute compilation Kym!

    1. Thanks Viv! I much appreciate that :). The grey and navy ones are actually the colors on sale now. Check out my link above- it should take you directly to the sale stuff 🙂 . Maybe you’ll be tempted into something else? I’m actually contemplating the packable down jacket.

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