Hands On

santa barbara pier_www.sincerelykymberly.comSanta Barbara sea center_www.sincerelykymberly.comstarfish_www.sincerelykymberly.comseaweed_www.sincerlykymberly.comsea center sea center_shark_www.sincerelykymberly.comshark_www.sincerelykymberly.com

Because of my son’s love for the water, we tend to go to an aquarium every 2-3 months.  Each time, I’m never bored.  Harrison’s eyes light up with excitement over the sea life and that happiness he feels absolutely makes my day 🙂 .  Even when I’m running into the pet store to pick up dog food, Harrison finds his way towards the goldfish.  This particular afternoon we checked out the Santa Barbara Sea Center.  Harrison had seen touch tanks before, but this was the first time he understood he could actually touch the sea life.  In fact, we got him to pick up several starfish.  Although, he tried to put them in his mouth.  (Opps!)  Before today’s trip, he’d just splash around the water getting everyone in his vicinity soaking wet!  (Silly toddler!)  The only exhibit he didn’t quite like was touching the baby sharks.  Little man left that for Mommy and Daddy to enjoy 😉 .

Sincerely, Kymberly


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