Santa Claus Lane

Santa Claus Lane

Santa Claus

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Being sick has put me a week behind on updates with our lives but I just had to share our detour to Santa Claus Lane.  Near our home you can exit Santa Claus Lane to access the beach.  With Christmas just a few days away, it was a fun and sort of silly thing for us take a moment and take pictures here.  Tis the season, right?  We can look back and tell little Harrison that he’s in fact been to Santa Claus Lane 😉 .  Unfortunately no sightings of Santa or his Elves this trip.  Maybe in the summer when they are vacationing and not busy with their toy orders 🙂 .

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. From an article about Santa Clause Lane “The McKeon family created Santa Clause Lane in the late 1940s during the emergence of the American “Car Culture” when roadside attractions were all the rage. They constructed the 20-foot tall figure of Santa Claus atop the roof to get folks to stop at their juice stand. In 2003 a new landowner gave Santa his sledding papers, which spurred a yearlong search for a new home for the icon. Many locations, ranging from the Pork Palace to Michael Jackson’s ranch, were considered. One week before Santa was going to become homeless Mike Barber offered to relocate him to a vacant lot near the 101 in the Nyeland Acres neighborhood in Oxnard.”
    Here is the link and there’s even a movie about it!:

    1. Thank you for the link! Before I did the post, I did a quick Google search and read all about that. It’s too bad the Santa is no longer in Santa Barbara, but at least it’s not too far of a drive away. If the Santa was there, it may of made our detour even more Christmas-y 😉

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