Creative Halloween Costumes for the Family

Creative Halloween Costumes Collage

family halloween costume Collage

Halloween is this week and as we get closer to the big day of trick or treating, I rounded up some of my favorite creative Halloween costumes for the family.  All of these costume ideas are great because you can easily expand on them depending on how many family members you have.  For full details on these costume, check out my Pinterest board found here.

1.  Humpty Dumpty and other iconic nursery rhyme characters.

2.  Bath tub bubbles:  I love this costume!  It’s great for babies, toddlers and young kids.  I especially love that this is a fairly simple DIY project one could accomplish should they still need a last-minute costume ;).

3.  Hot Air Balloon:  Taking that aviator costume to the next level.  I really, really, like this one.

4.  Cops, Robbers and Loot

5.  Woodland creatures

6.  Cirque de Soliel

7.  Prince Charming, Princess and a Dragon

8.  Pirate family (complete with a pirate ship!)

9.  Russian Nesting Dolls

10.  Matador and Flamenco Dancer

11.  Toy Legos

12.  Old Person (perfect for the babies who are using a walker.)

Still need more creative Halloween ideas?  Just turn to pop culture for inspiration.  Last year, Snooki gave birth to her son Lorenzo around the same time I did.  Wa-lah, I had my costume!  So I passed candy out dressed as Snooki.

snooki costume Collage

This year, it would be fabulous to see these two pop culture phenoms played out on Halloween.  Maybe you’ll be inspired and want to dress up as either:

(1) The royal family Prince William, Princess Kate and baby George at his baptism or

(2) Kim Kardashian pregnant at the Met Gala?  (Seriously, that dress is one to make fun of  mimic!)

celebrity halloween costume Collage

Looking forward to getting all dressed up on Halloween and seeing all the costumes.  I’ll be sharing our family costume shortly :).  Till then, I hope this round-up helps inspire you for this year’s or a future Halloween!

Sincerely, Kymberly



  1. OMG I just got the worst idea… dress the boys up in beards and camoflage, and I dress like a blonde bimbo = DUCK DYNASTY!! Would be funny but Zack is already going as Tigger.

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