Orange, Plaid, and Pumpkins; Oh My!

Pumpkin Patch

Part of enjoying October is going to a pumpkin patch.  This year I heard of Avila Valley Barn and knew my family would enjoy a day there.  What I particularly loved about this farm, is the opportunity to take a hay ride to the pumpkin field to pick your very own pumpkin!

Once we got to the farm, we enjoyed live music while we walked around the large farmer’s market which included: all the fruits and veggies you could think of, plus delicious tasting BBQ, fresh roasted corn, and fresh fruit pies.   The whole ambiance made it the ideal place to take Harrison for his first pumpkin patch.

We also enjoyed feeding the livestock, checked out the pony rides and the nearby hay stack maze.

Pumpkin Patch

The best “14 month” photo op I could capture 😉


pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

One week later…

We spend an afternoon taking the pumpkins we gathered from the patch and painted our silhouette’s on the pumpkins.  With the remaining little pumpkins, I simply took a sharpie and wrote out our names (because our little man was about to wake up from his nap and at that point I had enough of DIY-ing I could handle for the day!)

Happy October everyone :)!

Sincerely, Kymberly

pumpkin decoration on mantel

Pumpkin silhouette cameo


  1. Love this post Kym! Aww! Miss Mr. HB! He looks so adorable in his wellies! As do you! Love the red! How’d you do the silhouettes? Great job with the blogging mama!

    1. Thanks for loving it Viv! LOL, the Hunter’s look a bit red, huh? But they are actually orange 😉 (they just photograph brighter than they really are…must be the gloss). As for the silhouettes…just in case you don’t get to my instagram post first– here’s the directions: I took pictures of our side profiles. Then I blew them up, printed them, cut out our silhouette and taped them onto the pumpkins. From there I just painted them on with acrylic paint. Wa-lah!! Very simple! You should do this too for your family 🙂

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