Dinosaur 1st Birthday Party

Dinosaur 1st birthday party

A 1st birthday post isn’t complete without a 1st birthday party to accompany it.  Harrison’s dinosaur themed birthday party was a rawr’ing good time!  Our son’s birthday party was held at Dinosaur Park in Laguna Hills, California.

During the party, the kids got to paint their own ceramic dinosaur and participate in a dinosaur dig.  We even had inflatable mini dinosaurs (including a 4 ft tall T Rex) that our guests could pose with.  To keep the carnivores and herbivores happy, we served a lunch buffet filled with BBQ meats, noodle dishes, egg rolls and lots of sweets.

Harrison had a wonderful 1st birthday party.  Some of the highlights for him was playing with his mini dinosaurs, seeing all of his family (who were in town just for the occasion), hanging out with his baby friends, and once he understood the whole concept of a “smash cake,” he had a blast getting cake everywhere and making everyone laugh!  The dinosaur party was a success and I’m thrilled at what turned out to be an amazing 1st birthday party!  I was saur-y to see it end ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly

Dinosaur 1st birthday party invitation

Dinosaur 1st birthday cake

Dinosaur 1st birthday water bottle labels

Dinosaur 1st birthday1st birthday dinosaur dig

Dinosaur 1st Birthday Ceramics

Dinosaur Painted Ceramics Collage

Dinosaur backdrop Collage

Dinosaur 1st Birthday props Dinosaur 1st birthday Dinosaur 1st birthday cake

Dinosaur 1st birthday props


  1. So cute! Love the ideas for my little man’s first birthday. What did you use as the squares to spell out “ONE”?

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