Hot Mama Alert: Princess Kate

Princess Kate shopping one month post birth

Hot Mama Alert indeed!  Princess Kate aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge or Mum (as baby George calls her) has emerged a month after giving birth to Prince George Alexander Louis.  Besides loving the Princess for taking the time to go grocery shopping for her family, one can not help but give her major applause for her remarkable post-pregnancy body!  Another reason to love breastfeeding, huh?

Princess Kate doesn’t deserve recognition just for having an amazing post-pregnancy body at such a fast rate, but Princess Kate was the best-dressed pregnant person.  Period.  Who else wants to wear amazing trench coats and hats while pregnant?   I do, I do!!!

Princess Kate pregnancy outfits

kate-middleton-baby on board pin

You also got to hand it to Kate for being a good sport with her pregnancy.  She may have had to “spill the beans” of her pregnancy early on due to morning sickness, but sporting a “baby on board” pin gave her just enough creative outlet to have fun while pregnant.

Princess Kate is also on my hot mama alert because a day after having Prince George, she emerged from the hospital looking flawless.  Only a princess can look THAT good after giving birth.  Wow.  I also adore her for not being shy to hide her post-pregnancy body.  Rock that bump, Kate!

Princess Kate day after George's birth collage

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge With Their Son Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge In Bucklebury

Congratulations, Prince William and Princess Kate on your beautiful son George!  It’s just my suggestion, but don’t stop at one, have more.  After all, you guys make adorable looking babies 🙂

Sincerely, Kymberly



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