A Toddler’s Fall Fashion Roundup

Fall 2013 wish list It’s hard to imagine that fall is right around the corner when in Southern California, the weather is still in the 80’s.  I’m eagerly awaiting for the cooler temperature so that I can break out the layers for Harrison and I.

Just walking through the mall, stores are already stocking up with the latest fall fashions.  What’s catching my attention is all the awesome baby clothes that retailers are coming out with.  Baby Gap has especially caught my eye and here’s a sampling of what I’m really into.

1. Gap denim chambray button up $25: great piece under a sweater with rolled up sleeves or to throw in your diaper bag as a “just in case” sweater.  I can never be too cautious of when that ocean breeze will pick up and I’ll need a sweater to throw on Harrison to keep him warm.

2. Gap glasses sweater $35

3. Gap grey puffer vest $35: sometimes jackets can be too heavy in Southern California so throwing over this vest while Harrison and I go for a walk or when he’s playing at the park will do the trick!

4. Blaba Fox the Sox toy $44-180

5. Bugaboo Pendleton accessory collection $259: Because I’m a sucker for tartan print.

6. J. Crew bambi sweater $148

7. Gap colored denim pants $25

8. Gap suede moccasins $17: Not just hip, but functional.  I checked, and there’s traction on the bottom!

9. Gap No. 1 onesie $13: because Harrison is our #1 🙂 and you really can’t have enough onesies!

Who else is excited for Fall?

Sincerely, Kymberly


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