Crew Cuts and a Central Park Photo Shoot

Crew Cuts1 CollageJ. Crew, you did it again.  You made “back to school” for kids, cool again.  I sort of want to be a kid again just so I can wear these clothes ;).

The current fall collection for J. Crew’s Crew Cut line include super cute pieces I adore!

Some key pieces for the girls include the oh-so adorable poplin origami bow dress , tons of embellished sweatshirts, patterned tights (the metallic polka dots are precious) and bold shoes in a wide range of neon colors that are certain to be adorned by your young girls.

For the boys, they have an equal array of awesomeness to choose from.  (Yes, I just said, “awesomeness!”)  I’m especially loving all of the boy’s outerwear.  The Ludlow blazers, Garrison fatigue jacket, and the quilted puffers all have me wishing my little Harrison was big enough to fit them!  Not to mention, their graphic tees are kick a$$.  Currently coveting this one which reminds me of the California grizzly bear.

Besides the amazing Crew Cut clothes, I am LOVING the photo shoot!  Don’t you agree?  Probably because I’m a devoted J. Crew wearing gal myself :).  You can’t go wrong with J. Crew and a New York Photo Shoot.

Any pieces you’re planning on getting your little boy or girl?

Sincerely, Kymberly

CrewCuts2 Collage

crewcuts3 Collage

crewcuts4 Collage

One comment

  1. Love this article!! Being an avid Jcrew fan (everything own is jcrew), I love to see jcrew hitting their designs put of the park, especially for kids. Love your post Sincerly, Kymberly. It’s right on the money!

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