Indoor Playground Fun in Temecula!

play peek a boo

Play peek a boo with your toddler?  CHECK!  All parents play the game with their young ones.  Babies love it!  They giggle uncontrollably at the fact, you were “here” one minute and “gone” another.  Getting to play peek a boo in an indoor playground, was one of my favorite moments I recently shared with Harrison.

The other weekend we attended the 2nd birthday of our friend’s son, Maxximilian (I love Maxx’s name and the kids got the swagga to match!)  Our friends live in the Temecula area which is an hour East of Orange County.  We don’t get to make it to Southern California’s wine country often nor do we get to spend time with our friends, so we gladly took the hour drive to celebrate Maxx’s birthday.

The party was held at Child’s Play, an indoor playground that offers a variety of play houses, climbers, slides, tunnels, rockers, cars, and even a toddler roller coaster.  Because Harrison was only crawling, I was afraid he wouldn’t enjoy the indoor playground.  That was not the case at all!  He absolutely loved crawling around, banging on toys, riding the rides and he smiled being around all of the young kiddos.  My husband and I loved it too!  We couldn’t get enough of watching our little guy beaming with smiles and seeing how much he enjoyed taking in all the fun :).

Here are some pictures from the party!

Sincerely, Kymberly





touch and feel


toy truck


kid group picture


Toy story cake

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