Family time at the Aquarium of the Pacific


While grocery shopping at Ralph’s I overheard on the loud-speaker a special for Aquarium of the Pacific tickets.  For $19/each ticket (regular price $25.95/each) I decided to take advantage of the $6 savings and purchase a couple of tickets.  I was thrilled to head over to Long Beach to enjoy the Aquarium.

It was our family’s first trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific.  (Although, our first aquarium experience was in Maui 3 months ago.  After driving the 45 minutes North to Long Beach, California we found ourselves at our destination.  Immediately I was impressed with the location and amenities.  The Aquarium of the Pacific is situated next to the Long Beach Convention Center and Shoreline Village which provides plenty of food and scenery to enjoy before and after our aquarium visit.

With a full day’s adventures ahead of us, we immediately walked around looking at the different exhibits.  Harrison had an amazing time!  He enjoyed looking at the brightly colored fishes.  I took countless photos of him standing up against the tank trying to “grab” the fishes ;).  Watching the sea otters was another one Harrison was in awe of.

fish touching


Sea Lions

Mommy and Daddy especially liked the Shark Lagoon where we were able to touch baby sharks.

shark petting

Another great feature of the Aquarium is the play yard.  Harrison enjoyed crawling around the different sea creatures and getting sprayed with water!

Our day trip was complete with a bag full of plastic sharks, a shark backpack for Harrison, a hat for Daddy and we even purchased the photo of our family taken when we first got to the aquarium.

Sincerely, Kymberly

Aquarium of the Pacific

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