Mother’s Day Recap


Having a congested head, stuffy nose and a sore throat isn’t the best way to spend Mother’s Day, but I barely let it get to me  because, this my first Mother’s day and I was going to enjoy it to the fullest!

Spending family time and having good food was my only request.  Mission accomplished!  With my sister’s and mom in town, we had a large party.  So we decided to go to my favorite local Chinese restaurant, Capital Seafood.  Located in Irvine, Capital Seafood is well-known for several dishes  (including their roasted duck) and their Dim Sum menu.  I’m a big fan of dim sum because it allows you to sample several dishes at a low price point.  The waitress comes around with her cart full of warm dishes.  She points out the different dishes and you can pick to try it or not.  Another reason why I love going to dim sum with a large party, is the chance to try dishes that you may not normally get in fear you won’t like it.  With our party of 6, there was bound to be someone to try/finish the different foods we sampled.  After our meal, the ladies of the table were given a single flower to wish us a wonderful mother’s day.  It was especially thoughtful of them!  In fact, where ever we went, people were wishing us a happy mother’s day.  I must admit, I was REALLY enjoying the day’s perks ;)!

My Mother’s Day was completed with a few gifts from my thoughtful son and husband.  Looks like the husband listened to my wish list and spoiled this Mom with a few items :).

I hope all you Mom’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Sincerely, Kymberly



  1. Harrison is proud to call you his Mommy and Jer is proud to call you his Wife. Get some well deserved rest!

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