Parent and Me Swim Lessons

Parent and Me Swim Lessons

Irvine’s Parent and Me swim lessons

At what age is it appropriate to take your baby to swim lessons?  Harrison recently had his first swim lesson at the age of 8 months.  Our baby boy is on the cusp of crawling and I’m the crazy Mom who wants his son to swim before he can walk?  The way I see it;  it helps with their fine motor skills, being skilled at swimming is a good safety measure, and being around other babies is good for socialization.  My husband on the other hand thought lessons at this age was a waste of money and I was odd for wanting  to enroll him in swim lessons.  But after a trip to Maui and seeing how much our son enjoyed the water,  it looks like I won the battle of Wife vs. Husband ;).

Our son took his first lesson this past weekend at Waterworks Aquatics in Irvine.  Lessons range from infants (6 months+) to adults.  What I particularly like about the facility is the emphasis they have for Parent and Me (PAM) lessons.  Of their 4 pools, their saline pool is heated to 92 degrees and is designated for PAM lessons.

As soon as we arrived at Waterworks, Harrison’s eyes light up and he could tell he was in for a treat!  He was smiling and bouncing up and down in my arms with excitement.  After getting a walk through their facility, it was time to hop into the pool and wait till our lesson began.  Before your lesson, parents and their baby can play around in the adjacent 2.5ft play area pool.  After 5-10 minutes of  waddling in the pool, it was time for our lesson.  With only 6 parents and babies per class, you get the perfect amount of attention.  I found it good to have others in the class so that my son could not only see what the instructor was doing, but he could watch and learn from the other babies.  We were both having a blast!  I was singing along and instructing Harrison of what I was teaching him.  To the best he could, he followed my lead ;).  Lessons are approximately 20 minutes long.  At first I thought that would be too short, but the time span allows the instructors to get the full attention of the babies before they… SQUIRREL!!!!!!!   😉

photo (3)

Irvine’s Parent and Me swim lessons

An alternative to Waterworks, is Saddleback’s Community Parent and Me lessons.  Lessons are being held all summer long for two-week intervals.  For $55, you get two weeks of classes (for a total of 8 sessions).  You bet I’ll be signing up my baby boy for these swim lessons.  I’m sure he won’t complain ;).

I’m looking forward to our son’s future swim lessons and who knows, maybe we are developing a future Michael Phelps?

Sincerely, Kymberly

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Irvine’s Parent and Me swim lessons


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