Happy 6 Month Birthday, Baby H!

Today marks Harrison’s 6 month birthday!  Everyone says it, and it’s true, these months have flown by too quickly.  I vividly remember August 5, 2012 at 2:37am when my son was born.  Via C-section, my little man came into this world happy and healthy.  Although myself, family, friends and doctors predicted bigger; he was 7.5lbs, 19.5 inches and had a full set of dark hair.

I admit, the first few weeks were torturous on my husband and I.  Although we educated ourselves and read books on what to expect when you take home a newborn, as first time parents you don’t understand the magnitude of your new role.  I was sleep deprived, hormonal and overwhelmed with Harrison.  But and this is a big BUT- it was all worth it.  From day one, I was snapping away thousands of pictures of him on my iPhone, camera and video taping countless 1 minute clips of everything that made me smile.  Pictures of Harrison sleeping, wearing his different outfits, doing tummy time, playing, laughing, smiling, and the list goes on and on were caught on film.

Harrison is perfect.  He is my all and I tell you, that smile of his is kryptonite to me.

So to mark his 6 month birthday, here’s a recap of some of my favorite pictures of him.  After all, being his Mommy and giving him all my attention is the explanation for the gap in my blog entries ;).

Happy 6 month birthday, Harrison!  Mommy loves you.

Sincerely, Kymberly


Harrison’s newborn photo


HB 2 months old


HB 3 months old


HB 4 months old


HB 5 months old


HB 6 months old

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