Dairy was my #1 craving! In the form of ice cream, cereal and milk tea boba!

Cravings?  Yup, I had them.  In my beginning weeks of pregnancy I craved beef and pork.  The pork was a surprise because before my pregnancy, I barely ate it.  But it just goes to show you, your body (and baby) crave what nutrients it’s missing.  According to old wise tales, they say if you crave meat early on in your pregnancy you are going to have a boy and if you crave fruit and sweets then you are having a girl.  The old wives’ tale seemed to work for me, as we are expecting a boy!

Then you would have thought I was having a girl, because my craving switched gears to Jelly Belly’s.  I hadn’t had these tasty sweets since I was a kid.  For a good month or so, I was eating handfuls a day from my a Jelly Belly tub I bought from Costco.  I honestly have no clue how this craving got started and I’m sure it only stopped because I wouldn’t allow myself to buy another tub!

Rounding off the last few months I found myself obsessed with Cold Stone Creamery (banana ice cream with brownie chunks).  Now, when I say obsessed, I mean making 1-2x a week trips to Cold Stone Creamery!  If it wasn’t Cold Stone, then I was indulging in Rocky Road ice cream right in the comforts of my home ;).  I kept telling myself it was okay since my baby needs the calcium ;).  Speaking about dairy intake, I’d have to say having cereal too was another craving of mine.  I’ve gone through dozens of cereal boxes in a short span.  When I’d go grocery shopping with my husband, we would easily leave the store with 4-5 cereal boxes and they would barely last two weeks!  When I wasn’t having ice cream or cereal, my other craving was milk tea boba!  Since I had to go out of my way to have milk tea boba, I only had these yummy drinks 1x a week.  But don’t get me wrong, I would plan in my head how I could make myself drive past the shopping center that sold this drink just so I could stop by and get one!

Now that I’m at the end of my pregnancy, it’s fun to look back at some of the quirks you have while being pregnant.  It’s just another reminder that pregnancy can be many things to a Mommy-to-be.  “Surprising” is one term it definitely is!

Sincerely, Kymberly

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