A bowtie themed baby shower!


We had our baby boy’s baby shower in our hometown of Reno, Nevada to ensure most of our family and close friends could see me pregnant and attend the shower.  Our dear friends (the Grimes) hosted the event and made the months of planning go off without a hitch!

Going with a bowtie theme was an easy decision.  My husband’s personal style is preppy and dressing up in suits is just the nature of his profession.  So wasn’t it fitting to have lil man’s shower be an ode to his Daddy? 😉

Luckily, I had wonderful people around me to help execute my ideas and give me great inspiration to carry out the bowtie theme.  We served bowtie pasta dishes, had a gourmet hamburger bar, milk & cookies, root beer (It was a non-alcoholic event), and s’mores (because I craved them during my pregnancy!)

It was a beautiful day filled with lots of love and hugs!  It was great to have our loved ones around us showing us support for our growing family :).  Our little man sure did get spoiled too!!  And thankfully we had Adil Photography there to capture the day’s events!

Sincerely, Kymberly

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