Candice Breitz's "Queen" video installation

"Queen" wall text

Just like her name, the title to this blog is simple Madonna!  That one word says it all.  Madonna is a pop culture icon to the world and the focus of today’s blog.  While I was at my docent class today (I volunteer at my local museum of modern art), we talked about Madonna and how she influenced Candice Breitz, a Germany-based artist whose work is mostly in video installations.  What I particularly love about her work is her interest in pop culture.  That’s when I learned about Queen (A portrait of Madonna).  Before I get to describing it, I suggest watching the installation, then come back to my blog to read my thoughts on it…

Since I was unable to give a direct link to Queen on her official website, here are the steps:

1. Visit, or click here to go directly to her website

2. Click on “Works”, then “Video”, finally “Queen”

Ta-daaahhh!  Your there!  Listen and enjoy 🙂

So, did you enjoy it?  I loved it!  When you first watch it, you think, “what’s going on here?”  There are 30 random people on the video in silence (some humming and dancing) and then all of a sudden they break into “Like a Prayer!”  You can’t help but smile and sing along yourself.  It’s absolutely inviting!  (I found myself smiling and singing along too :)!)  I hope to get the chance to watch the hour-long video installation; but for now, the five-minute video will happily suffice :).

Sincerely, Kymberly

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