A match made in baby heaven: Bugaboo + Missoni

Happy July!

Today, I added a new category: Babies!  I’m happy that my first Babies entry is about two of my favorite brands:  Bugaboo and Missoni.  As today is the launch of the new Bee and Cameleon strollers and are available exclusively through Neiman Marcus.  I’m obsessed with them!  Although, I’m not a Mom (YET!), many Mom’s swear by the Bugaboo as the best strollers.  Enough said, I want one!  But the fact that the Bugaboo now comes in Missoni print, I’m hooked!  The bold colors and patterns are not only striking for the adults, but it’s a fact, all children love color and print.  Not to mention, one of the accessories included is a bold, printed blankie.  Aww, could it get any better?  Well, the price could be more affordable.  But like I say about my purses, this is an investment piece that will be well worth its money!  Anyone want to send me a belated birthday gift? 🙂

Sincerely, Kymberly

Bugaboo's Bee in Missoni print

Bugaboo's Cameleon in Missoni print

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