Currently channeling: Black Swan Ballerina

Natalie Portman as the White Swan, in Rodarte

Rodarte's Black Swan sketch

Poor Lara Flynn Boyles (wow, remember her?) went to the Golden Globes in 2003 wearing a pink tutu.  Unfortunately, her avant-garde outfit put her on the worst dress list that year.   The timing just wasn’t right to introduce the ballerina look.  Sorry Lara.

Lara Flynn Boyles at the Golden Globes 2003

But the timing was right for designers such as Tory Burch, who introduced the ballerina flat to the up-scale mass market a few years later.  I for one became obsessed with the Reva flat and can admit to owning several pairs of her ubber-comby leather flats.  (This consequentially became the start of me wearing flats more often than heels.)

However, that was just the beginning.  Then in 2010, Natalie Portman’s  The Black Swan, impacted the fashion world by storm.  Taking the whole ballerina trend to a new level.  It’s overwhelmingly trending and I personally can’t get enough of it.

Ballerina bun

For instance, my hair- I’ve been rocking a ballerina bun just about every other day!  It’s the perfect chic up do that looks glam but isn’t much of a fuss to create.  Also, It’s a great way to mask yesterday’s unwashed hair.  For an even more polished look, try pairing your bun with a headband.  Don’t have one?  Grab a satin (or grosgrain) ribbon, wrap it around head and tie a dainty knot (to the side) for the perfect solution.

 Hues of light pink, creme, mauve and charcoal are flocking the retail scene making it even easier to get lost in the ballerina obsession.  My favorite design team to embrace this is, Marchesa.  In their Fall 2011 collection, several white and black pieces gave ode to the look by incorporating the style of a fitted chest with an overly puffy skirt.  For a budget conscious look; I found BCBG, Modcloth and TopShop to carry several pieces that do the trick.

Below I’ve provided inspirational looks gathered from high-end designers and mass-market labels to help inspire your inner ballerina.

High-End Ballerina looks:

Miranda Kerr in Marchesa, Met Ball 2011

Chanel your inner White Swan in this Marchesa "Jemima" dress

Chanel your inner Black Swan in this Marchesa 2011 piece

Valentino clutch, feathers scream ballerina!

Louboutin's black knot heel

Mass-Market Ballerina look:

BCBG's Moriza, I've personally added this gown to my wish list!

BCBG's black swan outfit

Modcloth dress and it's only $55!

Feathered skirt paired with a pink top channels the ballerina trend in a coy way.

TopShop's feather jacket

BCBG's pink knot heel

Not only can you dress the ballerina part, but wouldn’t it be exciting to incorporate the trend into a party?  The creative party planner in me thinks so!  Check back tomorrow for part two of this post where I hope to inspire your own ballerina event.

Sincerely, Kymberly

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