Obsessing over: Ray-Bans

Clubmaster, $145 retail

I’ve got to credit my Dad for introducing me at a young age to Ray-Bans.  He had them all, the Wayfarers, Aviators (complete with the behind-the-ear-loop) and my personal favorite- the Clubmaster.  I’ve been obsessing over the Clubmasters since their reintroduction to the retail market a few years back.  There is something about the Clubmasters that make them effortlessly cool.  It’s the epitome of “I’m not trying to look cool, but I know I look cool” type of attitude.  It’s a style that goes well on both males and females, casual or dressed up.  Just look at the GQ stud on the left?  It’s sharp.  It’s classic.  It’s for me.  

I’m equally obsessing over the new folding Wayfarers.  My sister introduced me to them and honestly, how ingenious!  The fact that they collapse and fold down to a pocket-size wins me.  These Wayfarers are perfect for my husband who has a bad case of amnesia when it comes to glasses.   Not only does he lose sunglasses, but he can’t seem to take care of any pair worth $100 or more.  He scratches them and drops them to the point where  I’ve banned him from purchasing name brand sunglasses again!  (It hasn’t worked though.)  However, he has never owned the folding Wayfarers before…could this be the key to solving his problem (and my irritation?)  I hope so!  At that point, all he has to do is slip off his glasses and put them in his pocket. Problem solved!  Plus, they look killer on me so I’d be able to rock them too!  (Oh wait, who am I kidding, I want my own pair!)

Wayfarer, $155 retail

What’s the conclusion?  Do I buy both styles?  Absolutely.

Sincerely, Kymberly

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