Spotted: the Royal Wedding

Kate & Will's kiss

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!  (Or as I’ll still call them, William and Kate.)  It was a ceremony worth waking up in the early morning to eagerly wait for the fashion, flair and a ceremony that brought tears to my eyes.

Kate entering Westminster

Let’s start off with Kate’s dress.  I’m proud to say I was right!  I predicted she would wear a long-sleeve lace ball gown.  What I had envisioned in my mind was exactly as it turned out to be.  Chantilly lace, corseted waist, satin, tulle and a simple veil were all elements that embodied the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress.  I was happy to hear it was a McQueen dress because it was who I had predicted and Alexander McQueen was the perfect choice- a modern British designer (thus solidifying Kate as a “who’s who of the fashion world”)  Kate’s dress was a true couture piece being hand-made and sourced in England.

Kate and Will after the ceremony

Along with the dress and veil, Kate’s shoes (closed toe- another correct prediction!) was also made by Alexander McQueen.  She added to her “something new” attire with her “something old/borrowed” a simple diamond and platinum Cartier tiara from the 1930’s and her “something blue” was said to be a light blue ribbon sewn into the gown (but where was the blue sapphire engagement ring?)

Kate looked absolutely gorgeous and together; her and William make a breathtaking couple!

As for the guests…with millions of onlookers watching the five-hour coverage, the invites came dress to impress.  Below are my favorite guests who were dressed impeccable from head to toe (or should I say, from their Philip Treacy hats to their Jimmy Choo shoes.)

The Beckham’s are just one of those couples you love, yet envy!  He’s beyond handsome and she is beyond striking!  David wore a morning suit but what made his attire stand out was his Philip Treacy top hat.  I would have love to have seen it on, but carrying it as an accessory still won him major fashion points.  Victoria also wore a Philip Treacy hat (just about every hat we saw was the Milliner’s own creation) along with a navy dress from her self titled dress collection.


For a man who loves color and being flamboyant, Elton John did an impeccable way of personalizing his morning suit.  By adding the pop of lavender and sage, he stayed true to himself yet appropriate for the occasion.

Elton John

The next few guests wore the perfect monochromatic shades of mauve and grey.  Again, STUNNING!

Princess Letizia of Asturias

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice wore a hat that I believe is something you either love or hate.  I loved!  It reminded me of a cute bow tie. Plus the soft pink gave it that extra girly aspect.

Sophie Windsor makes my list simple because she looks radiant.  I have no idea who this lady is, but when I saw her on TV I was drawn to her “Selma Hayek” doppelgänger.

Sophie Windsor

Lastly, Queen Elizabeth in a vibrant yellow suit.  She is a woman who has every reason to shine and did so with such elegance.  For an 85-year-old lady, she still has a wonderful sense of fashion.  Plus, I love pearls paired with a broach-a fabulous combo!

Queen Elizabeth II

Sincerely, Kymberly


  1. I thought kates dress was the prettiest wedding dress I have ever seen. Beatrice and Eugenia provided the comic relief. What ghastly clown costumes. Complete with clown hats – I loved it. Hats off – or maybe hats on to the two commedians of the royal family.

    1. Thank you for the reply! You make good points, those girls were definitely comic relief but Beatrice’s hat wasn’t so bad. On the right girl, it would have looked girly and super cute! Feel free to check back to read new posts!

      Sincerely, Kymberly

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