The bold and the beautiful (nail polish)

Spring time is here and that means COLOR, COLOR, and lots of COLOR!  Color is an excellent way to add flair to your everyday style; especially when it can be so simple as a manicure!  I’ve been counting down the days till spring is here because I’ve got a train case full of OPI, Essie and generic brand nail polish that are just waiting to be used (one would say, my collection would rival most asian nail salons).  With these warm months ahead, I can finally put OPI’s Black Onyx away and rotate between the many colors of the rainbow.

For spring, the colors that are trending:

Neon: highlighter yellow, lime green, hot pink and bright orange nail polish are just a few colors that will not only add a vibrant flair to your look, but these colors naturally make a person happy and it puts a smile on your face :).  Just about every brand in every price point carries neon colors so pick a color (any color) and paint your nails away!

Essie's recent neon collection

Pastels: Personal bias, but Essie has the best selection of pastel nail polish that are original in color and are durable.  My favorite is Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos from their Resort 2010 collection.  It reminds me of a “Tiffany & Co blue” and every time I wear it, I get compliments!  So it’s safe to say, it’s a color worth picking up!  In fact, the other colors from the Resort collection are excellent pastels colors worth adding to your collection.

Essie's Pastel collection (Resort 2010)

Crackle vs. Shatter:  In January OPI launched Black Shatter nail polish which is a color when applied starts to “shatter.”  It works best when applied on top of a light shade (I tried black on black and TRUST- it looked like crap!)  Right now OPI only has shatter in black but come May 2011, they are launching several colors including, red, navy, electric blue and my personal fav-white!  (You can bet I’m going to buy that!)  But if you can’t wait another month, China Glaze has already introduced a large collection of Crackle nail polish (same effect, different name) and in my opinion has better colors to choose from and easier to use (it’s not too thick like OPI’s shatter).  Although I am a fan of the crackle/shatter nail trend, I must say that I don’t fully love it…it reminds me of chipped nails and as a lady that is one pet peeve I have- chipped nails!  So if your going to rock this trend, keep it up-otherwise its time for a manicure.

OPI's Shatter Collection

China Glaze's Crackle Collection

Mix and match: mix and match is a trend that can carry into every season, but worth mentioning here.  For fun, I like to mix things up and alternate my nail polish colors.  I’ll take two colors that work well and alternate between fingers.  I don’t mean every other (i.e. black, white, black, white, black; because this looks too childish) but instead alternate between every couple of fingers (i.e. black, black, white, white, white) for a look that is unique!

Cardinal Red and Gold for a USC football game

Want to be outside of the box?  Why not rock white nail polish?  It’s not just for a french manicure anymore!  It’s a fun and chic way to make your nails look ah-mazing (couple that with a tan=perfection)!  Plus it’s a fairly safe color that can work well at your 9-5 job and then again into the night or weekends events!

White nail polish is perfect for your fingers AND toe nails!

Sincerely, Kymberly

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  1. Crazy, I saw this in a magazine promoting the new Pirate of the Caribbean movie and fell in love with the idea! AWESOME

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