Obsessing over: Toms

Customized Toms

This week I’m obsessing over Toms.  With the spring season here, new colored Toms (and the much-anticipated half sizes) arrived in the stores and online.  Yay!  I could finally purchase a pair; in fact, I bought 2 pairs yesterday.  I purchased the shoes to support their “One for One” movement.  Meaning, for every pair of Toms purchased, a pair of Toms will go to a child in need.  Brilliant idea!

Toms Calypso Wedges

I’m especially obsessed with the shoes I bought my husband and I.  For myself, I got the Calypso Wedge in Grey Tie Dye (but they look more like a light beige).  These are the perfect wedges to take me into the warm months ahead because their light color will help to elongate my legs.   Pair these bad boys with shorts and you’ve got yourself a sexy combo!

Toms Stitchouts

For my husband, I purchased him the Stitchout Slip-On in Heather Grey (they look more like a dirty denim).  I was pleased to see this style available because (and no disrespect to Toms) but I find the Toms Classic to be too feminine with the rounded toe.  The Stitchout is wider in the toes (much like most male shoes) and should compliment my husband well.  I also loved that these shoes would go amazing with his summer wardrobe of shorts and linen pants.

I know I’m jumping ahead, but I just can’t wait to wear them!  I can envision it now; my husband and I walking around town, holding hands and wearing our Toms…aww!  Cue picture moment!

Blake (Founder of Toms) giving shoes to children in need

Another point worth covering is Toms’ “One Day Without Shoes” campaign.  It occurs every April where the goal is to go sans shoes.  The purpose is to bring awareness and express the importance of such a basic necessity (shoes).  I missed it last week, but go ahead and mark your April 2012 calendar, schedule a pedicure prior and plan a poolside day (not sure how well this campaign will go over at the office) to support this cause.

Demi Moore supporting "One Day Without Shoes"

It looks like I’ve got 1 day down and about 4-6 business days left till my shoes arrive!  I’m dying to try them on!  And I’m sure my husband will be glad that I bought him a pair too!  See…I’m not selfish after all ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly


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