Spotted: Hats, Suspenders & Bow Ties oh my!

Russell Brand as "Arthur"

With the release of Russell Brand’s new comedy flick  Arthur, I was inspired to jazz up one of my favorite trends…androgyny.  The androgynous look is a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics.  I think it’s absolutely chic for women to dress with a masculine flair.  It’s my personal style and I wear it all the time; especially during the winter months when I was seen daily wearing blazers with my oxford platforms.  But why not “up” it a notch?  That’s what fashion is for!

To take the look into spring, what I am specifically loving are: hats (black top hats and fedoras), bow ties (loving either a black or white bow tie on a gold chain), suspenders (pair then with wide leg or skinnys- both will look stunning).  Check out my wardrobe inspirations…

Sincerely, Kymberly


Pink Bow Tie by Japonicas, Etsy


White Bow Tie from Japonicas, Etsy


Kate Hudson

Keira Knightley for Chanel

Victoria Beckham

Perfect example of how to rock the bow tie and suspenders

Diane Kruger

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