A great pair of shoes can change everything…just ask Cinderella

Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolo Blahnik's

Happy Birthday Sarah Jessica Parker!  A woman whose style I adore and a closet I’d love to raid.  From gowns, to jewels, handbags to shoes, I’d have a heyday in her closet!  So it’s only fitting that I blog about shoes today, a favorite of her character Carrie Bradshaw.  I used one of my favorite quotes as the title “A great pair of shoes can change everything…just ask Cinderella” because for me that has been the case several times over.  For instance, last week I was in Portland having a girl’s vacation with my best friend.  She moved out there several months ago and the timing was right to have our girl’s trip.  Together we would explore the city (which she has done little of), drink lots of wine (because isn’t that what you do with your girlfriends?) and enjoy the company of someone special in your life (each other!)  Mission accomplished!

Hunter Boots

Eager for my trip and trying to decipher what to pack, I had checked the weather online to get a feel of what outfits to pack.  Since the forecast was rain every day, I packed a pair of wellies.  In fact, I threw in my recently purchased bright orange Hunter boots.  To be honest, I’ve got 3 pairs of rain boots because I just love wearing them on dewy days, rainy days (duh) and even in the snow.  A girl like me can’t have just one pair right?  While I was in Portland, it didn’t end up pouring like weather.com had wrongfully predicted.  Instead it sort of drizzled here and there.  But I wore the wellies anyways- twice in fact.  Both times the shoes got heads turning, people whispering and several people commenting about how they liked the boots.  Of course, I smiled, said my thank you’s and thought how cool it was that others recognized an amazing pair of shoes.  To top it, the shoes were a guy magnet!  Included in those head turns and whispers was guys who ended up flashing me a smile.  However, one random guy who I barely said ten words to (most of which was a compliment to my shoes) ended up writing his number down on a napkin and gave it to me!  Just so you know, this was a first for me.  I wasn’t overly flirty, mildly buzzed from the alcohol but not at all suggestive that I was interested in any guy (remember peeps, I’m a happily married gal and this was a girl’s trip).  It was just nice to be recognized as someone cute and well dressed.

It goes to shoe (excuse me, show you) that guys do end up checking out ladies shoes.  It also reiterates my belief that a great pair of shoes are a MUST.  For Carrie, it was her Manolo Blahnik’s that put a smile on her face and got her Mr. Big.  My Hunter wellies put a smile on my face that read, you still got it girl!

Sincerely, Kymberly

Voodoo Donuts, Portland

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