Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon

Until about a week ago I’d never heard of the term “thinspiration.”  It makes sense, something/someone who gives you inspiration to be thin(ner).  My sister casually mentioned the term to me during one of our daily phone calls.  We have always used each other to motivate the other to work out, eat healthy and overall, to make good choices.  Whatever excuses (it’s winter, I’ve got to cook, my workload, no one to work out with, etc) that we told ourselves, we have always been there to whip the other back in shape.  So it didn’t come as a surprise when my sister repeatedly used thinspiration in her vernacular.

The term got me curious so I ended up googling it.  Cue my mouth drop and an uttered wow!  Thinspiration is a whole movement!  It’s not one to take lightly since the bulk of my reading lead to blogs about eating disorders, learning new terms such as “pro-ana” and “pro-mia” and seeing images of skeletal women.  I was shocked!  However, I’m going to stop here because it’s a controversial topic I don’t wish to address nor do I believe it is fully relevant for what I’m trying to accomplish with this post.  On a lighter note, I read how to make a killer cabbage and bok choy soup if your interested ;).

I define thinspiration exactly as how I mentioned it earlier- someone who gives you inspiration to be thinner.  True, I’ve recently become less motivated to workout, I just got back from a five-day vacation where each day was spent binge drinking, and I’m indulging in eating with a husband who orders two dinner plates and wolves it down food like a starving Ethiopian boy!  So I’m the first to admit that although I am a small woman, I’ve gained a little extra in the midsection (not sexy I know) and I’ve picked a part where I should be tighter and thinner.  For those who know me, they would laugh at my face for alluding to being fat.  But I am my own worst critic.  What I mean by that, is I look at the old Kymberly (Kymberly last year when she was prepping for a wedding, Kymberly when she was training for a 1/2 marathon or Kymberly when she was a 24 waist- I am now a 27).  You get the point.

So I’ve got thinspiration on my mind.  In fact, it started today.  I made myself run 3 miles this morning and I signed up to run my second 1/2 marathon in May.  For the 1/2 marathon, my goal isn’t about finishing before a certain time.  Instead, I just want to be able to finish the run and lose that extra pounds I’ve put on.  Kate Moss once said in a Women’s Wear Daily article,”nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”  A popularized quote I may just have to adapt in this crazy thinspiration fad.

Sincerely, Kymberly

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  1. Your sister sounds like a good inspirer. You are gorgeous just the way you are! Glad you are living a healthier lifestyle 🙂

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